Japanese Influences In A Californian Home

You are probably wondering how Japanese influences would fit in a residence in California, right? Although it may look like an unlikely combination, the design office Lucas proved that it is actually a great match.

Keep reading this article and get to know an amazing interior design firm and its stunning project!

Meet Lucas

Lucas was founded in 2012 by a trio of New York-native siblings: David, Suzie, and Rachel Lucas. The interior design studio is now based in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle, and specializes in the creation of personal sanctuaries. Their team focuses on creating spaces that are uniquely centered on the people’s way of living, working, entertaining, and unwinding.

Lucas design process is a conversation and they believe in a collaborative style of working. The firm will guide the clients through the details of the concept, sourcing, and installation, to make sure they are confident in the decisions they are making together.

Image Source: Lucas

Meriwether Way

Located in The Madison Club, Meriwether Way is a desert oasis home with predominant Japanese influences, from the Zen-style plantings to the traditional soaking tub in the main bathroom.

The house belongs to a couple with two children who often spend the winters in the region’s warm weather. It has seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms, so it is the ideal space to gather family and friends during the holidays. Lucas renovated the whole house and did an amazing job!

Meriwether Way is characterized by its refined architectural lines and it is organized on a single floor around a central patio. The exterior space has spectacular mountain views and it is surrounded by an organic design that, once again, is Japan-inspired.

Image Source: Lucas

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Eva Armchair

Eva is an homage to the Portuguese traditional production techniques. The wooden structure features a rattan back and side, perfect to add a boho-chic touch to your design project. To amplify the beauty and comfort of this piece, two upholstered cushions are placed on the seat and back of the armchair.

Eva armchair can be combined with different pieces from the same collection, like chairs and bar/ counter chairs.

Throughout the whole house, each piece of furniture and lighting contributes to the cozy and visually exquisite atmosphere. The chosen fabrics add tactile effects and the color palette is mainly neutral, which harmonizes with natural materials such as stone, steel, and wood. These materials provide more depth to the space.

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Edward Sofa

Edward Sofa is perfect for this project! This sofa embodies a modular system with a wide range of elements, allowing you to play with configurations and build a sofa according to your taste, without ever giving up on comfort. This minimalistic design with generous proportions has a distinct character for its versatility, especially when combined with different accessories, such as a magazine rack, a headrest, and a side table.

Offering maximum compositional adaptability, Edward Sofa allows you to play with a wide array of modules for limitless results.

Image Source: Lucas

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Rachel Pouf

Rachel pouf and its delicate round-shaped design is a piece made to bring extra comfort to a project. The piece combines lavish materials such as soft fabric and a wooden base. The design includes pleats on the side to give the piece character.

Rachel pouf comes in two sizes for additional options for the most demanding desires as the versatility of the design allows it to be used as an extra seat or footstool. In this project, the small version is the best option!

Combine it with an upholstered or wooden piece and Rachel promises to enchant.

With its dark tones combined with bronze accents and wooden elements, the bar was inspired by Suzie Lucas’s visits to Bar Tampi in Tokyo. It looks very welcoming!

Image Source: Lucas

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Stranger Bar & Counter Chair

The robust metal structure of the Stranger bar and counter chairs gives this design powerful and impacting energy, like a symbol of strength. The slight curvy lines of the back and seat were conceived thinking about providing the best of a comfortable yet empowering seat. The upholstered arms will provide extra comfort and relaxation.

The same delicate design can be found in a chair version to add a twist of fun to any project.

This project by Lucas proves that every project, no matter where it’s located, would look amazing with Japanese influence in its design. What do you think of this style? We would love to know your thoughts on it, so please leave us a comment in the section below.


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