Living Area: Natural Lighting And Pops Of Color

When it comes to a well-designed living room, allowing natural lighting in is a flawless approach to adopt, especially if you are capable to blend it with natural high-quality materials, as shown in this home decor. But in spite of that, we got to say that a good living area is nothing without impacting elements that can encourage interaction and socialisation.

Natural lighting, socialization and interaction, when blended, make wonders to the lifestyle of the owner – and you don’t want just to change his living room but also to change his life. Domkapa is here to inspire you to achieve these three elements effortlessly.

Being sociable in your living room means receiving guests and you may want to offer them different seating options so they can be comfortable as well as have the right surfaces where you can pop a glass, for example. Let’s take a look to Domkapa’s options:

Encourage interaction is not only about the seating options – they need to be comfortable too, with a design that fits the ambiance; so we developed Eva Armchair

There is something special about Eva, as it honours the Portuguese traditional production techniques that we are allways talking about. 

With weaves Arno 31 and walnut stained ash, its structure has the pleasure to feature a rattan back and side, perfect to add a boho-chic touch to your interior design project. To amplify the beauty and comfort of this piece, two upholstered cushions are placed on the seat and back of the armchair to tell you a story about style, design and heritage. A craftsmanship masterpiece for elegant and simple decors.

However, seating options can be other upholstery pieces than chairs or armchairs. And Grant Pouf does the job perfectly. 

The construction of this pouf skillfully combines aesthetics and ergonomics to establish this as the go-to solution for every design project. It was designed for various functions, and it is available in three different sizes to accomplish the final look you’ve always dreamed of. It features elegant piping in each corner of the piece, gracefully matching the two contrast piping that carefully hugs the entire pouf.

To fit this ambiance, it was composed by patterned fabric Verdon 01 and microfibers Tarn 21. Grant Pouf is a classic and elegant shape without giving up ergonomic comfort.

To support the social hub in the house, surfaces are preponderant, as they provide functionality and convenience. But you still need to keep in mind the aesthetics – that is why we chose Inside Table Set for this ambiance, with walnut matte and black texturized steel

This set is composed by two side tables (Low and Tall) and one coffee table that you can combine or even buy them separately. It features a quite stunning base providing a feeling of exclusivity while their nice curves and clean shapes offer versatility to anyone who is considering them for an interior design project.

Inside Table Set shows us how a clean design can bring serenity into any home.


The lighting is also a great element to bring such socialization into an interior design project, especially on those warm days in the summer, when we gather our friends and family and enjoy the good weather. This kind of days are our favourites so we couldn’t pass the opportunity to develop an outdoor space, this time with Eva Chair.

Produced in fumé eucalyptus and weaves Arno 51, this chair is nothing but beautiful and comfortable. It owns a special identity thanks to the artisanal woven-work technique presented on its back. Soft lines contrasting with traditional details.

This versatile seating piece will stand out in every room as it features soft lines, providing a unique comfortable experience. That is all you can expect from its premium textiles apploed. Eva Chair is a unique but simple design that will give a special character to every room.


The right fusion between high-quality materials and the perfect mature process of creativity is here, in this living room, and we would love to know your thoughts!


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