Secrets Revealed: Our Designers’ Product Selection

Do you ever wondered which pieces are the favourite ones of our design team, the one responsible to develop them all? Well, we do, so we decided to interview our design team and understand how they feel about the products they work on every day. After all, uncovering the inside of a company is always interesting!

But, first, be introduced to our design team: José and Helder, the creators of Domkapa’s essence and endless comfort. They work everyday to provide the right solutions to our clients’ problems without giving up on comfort and style. If you want to know more about them, check out Pia Orr’s article: Designers Q&A: Domkapa.

From the favourite to the least favourite, every piece has a story to tell and, today we bring you our design team’s exclusive product selection for you to discover!

1. Which piece did you like to develop the most?

Parker Sofa. The design process was challenging yet inspiring. It was developed to offer a unique comfort experience for those who try it, so you may understand why. Overcoming the non-expected challenges was truly rewarding and helped us to work on our processes to develop them even more.

2. Which piece did you least like to develop?

Every year, we launch a new collection having in mind what our clients are looking for and may need for their interior design projects; so every new collection is better than the last one and we are proud of every piece we developed.

However, the piece we least liked to develop was Ruth Chair. As we had tight deadlines to meet, we decided not to explore other possibilities; so we created another version of Ruth Armchair, instead.

3. What is your favourite piece?

This one is easy: Henry Bench. The production of Henry requires attention to detail and rigorousness, passion and delicacy, as if the production team were working on a piece of art. Also, its design is modern and, at the same time, it features some details that provides a traditional sense.

4. What is your least favorite piece?

Aniston Sofa. Aniston‘s look and prosportions no longer fit the brand’s image anymore neither what we want for the brand in the future. However, it is still a stunning sofa and can work as an eye-catching element in an interior design project.

5. Which piece do you find most versatile?

When it comes to versatility, Adley Pouf takes the crown. Working also as a traditional pouf, this piece has a unique opening system that allows storage inside. If the client prefers the other size, he will have something that can work as a bench and he will have much more storage space.

6. Which one fits better in all styles?

Edward Sofa, for sure. Its minimalistic and simple look allows it to fit into every style of interior design. Its huge amount of configurations will help you to place it into every kind of space, whether it is tiny or big.

Do you have any question you would like to ask to our design team? Feel free to do it through our comment section bellow.


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