Discover The Power Of A Timeless Living Room

A living room design needs to be a collection of things you love with a seductive power that makes you want to be there all day – like this one.

Jane Austen once said, “there is nothing like staying at home for real comfort so make sure that you choose the right products” and our challenge for today is to bring you this stylish idea of how you can re-create this living room decoration for yourself.

A modern design with a timeless look never fails, that’s why that Shinto Sofa is the first one to be presented in this main area.

Meet the new best friend of every living room: Shinto Sofa. This seating piece is a stunning modular system sofa that will revolutionize every interior design project.
Made with tarn 22, columbia pearl, black texturized steel and rose gold brushed stainless steel, Shinto Sofa radiates comfort, elegance and modernity in order to complete an exclusive design with great functionality.

You can choose the combination you want with three different modular designs: chair, chair with chaise longue, and pouf. On the back of each module, two black texturized steel bars slide to the bottom of the sofa, featuring delicate stainless steel details.

Being modular means endless configurations so you can adapt to suit every taste and every style of an interior design project. Isn’t that amazing?

If you want to go modern, Inside Coffee Table has the best contemporary shade and clean aesthetic. An x-shape base made with black texturized steel and a round top created with natural oak matte provides an optical illusion which guarantees a unique look, right?

Inside is a contemporary design with an industrial for the most demanding scenarios and its remaining family is not far behind: Inside Coffee Table has the pleasure to be accompanied with its sisters’ Side Table Low and Side Table Tall.

Inside Side Table Tall is one of the members of the family Inside – the one you’ll never forget because of its contemporary feel.
Made with black texturized steel and gold brushed stainless steel, the clean design of this contemporary creation and the minimalist expression adds serenity to every interior.

Did someone request an unexpected combination of textures and shapes? Because Pouf Low and Cleo Mirror were brought to be the continuous process in the hallway making this interior design project an amazing one.

Pouf Low is one of the creations of Domkapa with a classic design in subtle shapes. Without stealing the protagonism, this gentle piece will bring extra elegance to every room.

Made with aldan 2922 and fumé stained ash in its base, it can be adapted in every style because of its special shape and the combination of high-quality materials.

Just mix it with another statement piece and then you’ll have that timeless look that we are always waiting for, just like this one.

And Cleo Mirror is here to bring you a reflection of how awesome is this living room, right? Made with rupert taupe, fumé oak, and bronze mirror, this mirror is the best option for contemporary spaces with a timeless feel.

It is the definition of “simple without being boring” – a big solution for the ones who are looking for seductive curves. A fundamental design mirror for an interior design project.

And this is it: this timeless look is the solution of a combination of how much we value the right textures, high-quality materials and the craftsmanship we introduce in every design piece we create.

Can you see yourself in this living room?

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