A Harmony Of Comfort & Serenity: A Home Office Design By Better

In today’s fast-paced world, the need for a serene and functional home office has never been more essential. With this in mind, Better, a renowned design firm, has masterfully created a workspace that harmonizes aesthetics and productivity.

We are happy to reveal that one of the main pieces in this elegant home office is our Shinto Sofa, an exquisite piece that embodies comfort and sophistication! This collaboration between Better innovative design approach and Domkapa’s meticulous craftsmanship offers a perfect blend of tranquillity and style, transforming any home office into a zen-inspired space.

Keep reading and explore the unique features and design philosophy behind this remarkable workspace, where every element is thoughtfully curated to enhance workflow and well-being.


Image Credits: Better

Since 2006, Better journey in interior and architectural design with leading architectural firms has been marked by dedication and perseverance. Navigating the challenges of high-end projects, they’ve accumulated invaluable experience and built a cohesive team of passionate professionals.

Having frequently encountered rushed projects, disorganized processes, and the recurring thought, “…we could have done better!”, the firm established Better with a commitment to excellence. Their mission is to strive every day to create projects that are comfortable and superior, whether it’s for a compact apartment or a grand residence.

Are you ready to meet one of our favourite projects?

Country House in Repino

With a minimalist design featuring wood accents and white marble, the Country House in Repino exudes simplicity and elegance. The light interplay of materials transmits a casual charm, while softened corners create a clean and fresh visual appeal.

Additionally, in the spirit of a traditional country house, a special area has been thoughtfully designed for the owners’ beloved pets! Better firmly believe that every family member, including our furry friends, deserves comfort and happiness at home. Consequently, the firm meticulously considered every detail to meet all their needs without sacrificing the style and aesthetics of the interior. What an amazing idea, don’t you agree?

Image Credits: Better


Image Credits: Better
Image Credits: Better

Situated in the master bedroom behind a glass partition, the home office may be compact but remains highly functional! A spacious table by the window and our Shinto Sofa create an ideal space for focusing on work, while a floor-to-ceiling shelving unit offers ample storage and enhances the room’s aesthetics. Also, there’s a unique detail in this space – a textile curtain along the glass partition. This curtain can be drawn to ensure a peaceful and undisturbed sleep for the owners if one of them works late into the night in the office. Very well thought out!

Better selected two chair modules from our Shinto Sofa and they fit perfectly in this home office! On the back of each module, two black texturized steel bars slide to the bottom of the sofa, featuring delicate gold stainless steel details. To complete an exclusive design with great functionality and comfort, sleek piping flows along this sofa.

With a commitment to excellence and a solid understanding of the importance of comfort and functionality, Better have transformed a simple room into a space where productivity thrives and tranquillity reigns. We love the way they used our Shinto Sofa, which seems to have been made to complete that corner!

Let us strive together to create environments that not only inspire creativity and productivity but also nurture our well-being and happiness. If you are working on a project and interested in working with Domkapa, contact us through


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