Warmth & Modernity: Creating An Inviting Minimalist Living Room

Creating a space that balances form and function while exuding elegance is an art that Domkapa has mastered! The living room design we bring you today embodies this philosophy, showcasing a sophisticated yet minimalist aesthetic that captivates and inspires.

Keep reading and explore the key elements that make this minimalist living room a masterclass in contemporary design.

Colour Palette & Materials

The colour palette of this minimalist living room is a harmonious blend of warm earth tones and neutral hues, creating an inviting and serene atmosphere. Our rich, rust-coloured Shinto Sofa is the focal point, drawing the eye and providing a pop of colour against the muted beige and light brown backdrop. Also, using natural materials, such as wooden wall panels and stone flooring, adds texture and depth, enhancing the room’s organic feel.

Furniture & Layout

The Domkapa furniture in this minimalist living room is carefully selected for comfort and style. The arrangement of the pieces was thought to promote a sense of openness and flow, encouraging conversation and relaxation.

Therefore, the position of the Shinto Modular Sofa, with its plush cushions and clean lines, offers ample seating while maintaining a streamlined appearance. Also, the Colbert Bench and the Angles Pouf provide additional seating options, adding to the room’s versatility!

Finally, the Inside Table Set, with its sleek metal frames and minimalist design, complement the overall aesthetic without overwhelming the space. The varying heights and shapes of the coffee and side tables add visual interest and functionality, allowing for easy access to essentials like books, beverages, and decorative items.

Shall we meet the details of this selection of Domkapa pieces?


Shinto is a stunning modular system sofa that will revolutionize your design project. You can choose the combination you want with three different modular designs: chair, chair with chaise lounge and pouf. On the back of each module, two black texturized steel bars slide to the bottom of the sofa, featuring delicate gold stainless steel details. Sleek piping flows across this sofa to complete an exclusive design with great functionality and comfort.

For this minimalist living room, we selected tree chair modules and a pouf one, which are presented in Provence Brick fabric.


Angles Pouf and its peculiar shape is the statement piece every project must have. The fully upholstered design and its funky pleats are the characters of this lavish piece that promises to be eye-catching and fun to combine with other shapes. The details make a statement as well since this pouf embodies comfort and boldness together in one piece! Angles Pouf‘s playful shape can be combined with any other fully upholstered piece, as you can see in this minimalist living room.

It is presented in Helmand 10 fabric.


Colbert is a discreet and elegant bench perfect for minimalist living rooms like this one. With a fully upholstered seat, it features delicate single and double-top stitching as a touch of luxury. Colbert is also characterized by an intricate metallic t-shape base with four metal legs. The oval extended shape of the seat beautifully contrasts with the raw materials and lines of the structure. This refined complementary piece goes along well alone or with any bed, combining functionality and style.

It is presented in Dover Bosco leather and the base is in Onyx Polished Steel!


Inside Table Set includes different versions to fulfill all your project’s needs: coffee tables, low and tall side tables. One thing in common for these three versions is the texturized steel legs with an x-shape base creating an optical illusion. The top is available in wood and stainless steel, guaranteeing a unique look in every finish you choose. A contemporary design with an industrial for the most demanding scenarios.

In this minimalist living room, you can find the tall side table with a Gold Brushed steel top and Black Texturized steel base and the low side table with an Olive Lacquered top and Black Texturized steel base!

This living room is a testament to the power of thoughtful design and attention to detail. If you blend minimalist principles with modern touches, it achieves a perfect balance of style and functionality. Also, a careful selection of colours, materials and furnishings creates an inviting and sophisticated space, making it an ideal setting for relaxation and socialization!


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