How To Choose The Ideal Dining Table For Your Next Project

We believe that the dining table can be much more than a piece of furniture – it’s the centrepiece of shared meals, conversations and where people come together! Therefore, when selecting the ideal dining table there is much more to think about than only the functionality. You need to find the perfect balance between style, comfort and versatility to make your project a unique one.

With this in mind and being such an important piece for a dining room, how can you choose the ideal one? What is the right style, shape, size, colour and personality? Let’s find out!

The 3-S: Shape, Size and Style

Round Dining Table

A round table is the perfect choice if the dining room is designed for hosting entertaining dinner parties. It will provide an easy conversation flow and versatility, it is modern and also safe! The lack of corners assures safety for kids or even just clumsy adults. All in all, the whole dining room will become fluid, relaxed and lighter.

Our Mano Dining Table Round fulfils all of the details mentioned above! It is fully upholstered in natural leather contrasting with the top in glass, embodying a sense of authenticity and allowing your design to endure. It is the perfect dining table for hosting laid-back dinner parties.

Mano Dining Table Round

Mano Dining Table Round

Gram Chair

Rectangular/Oval Dining Table

If it is a project with large rooms, a rectangular or an oval table is the ideal choice. The design of this type of piece is more classic and formal, giving the room a symmetric and elegant look while providing amplitude at the same time. Also, due to the comfort and size, a rectangular or oval table allows more people to join at the table, being perfect for big families!

Our oval version of the Mano Dining Table is a perfect exclusive design for wide spaces. With classic materials and an outstanding shape, it is a dining table that inspires for its harmony and craftwork design.

Mano Dining Table Oval

Square Dining Table

A square table has the benefits of round and rectangular tables! It is compact, fitting into small spaces, it is functional and also symmetric. So, if you are in doubt between a round and a rectangular table, the square one will be the ideal solution.

And Domkapa has the perfect square table for every type of project! With a curved design and generous shapes, Panton is a dining table that can be included in residential and commercial venues. A glass top is connected to a wood conical base, fulfilling your space with the right amount of elegance and sophistication. For a gracious atmosphere, stainless steel details are included to take your designs to another level.

Panton Dining Table

Eva Chair

Eva Chair With Armrest

After choosing the ideal shape, it is time to select the right size! It is important to know the space where the dining table will be to determine its functionality and style, whether it is for more practical use or only for entertainment purposes, for example. Always evaluate its usability.

A round table will be the perfect choice if the room lacks the space because it can accommodate more people. On the other hand, a rectangular or square table has to take into account the amount of chairs necessary.

If you have a dining room project on your hands now, we hope our suggestions help you to choose the ideal dining table for the space. Also, keep in mind how many users it will mostly have, where it will be and if it fits the style of the rest of the room. Besides its shape, size or style, the dining table must bring comfort and provide a harmonious setting!


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