Living Room Design: Make Your Guests Feel At Home

There’s nothing quite as inviting as a stylish living room that offers the right amount of comfort and functionality. And, if you love to receive guests in your home as much as we do, it is even more important to prepare the space to greet them in great style.

This living room design shows how a minimalistic approach can be blended in a home where people enjoy having guests without compromising the space. The aesthetics carefully balances a sense of modern lines with a striking silhouette and a contemporary feel that cannot go unnoticed.

It’s time for you to enjoy what life has to offer so we bring you a revolutionary innovation that will allow your guests to be comfortable in your home. The way your space is will no longer be an excuse and you will get the most of your residence. Keep reading!

Every year we work to provide you all the tools you need to make a good impression – through our online channels (to get your creativity flow) and products (to get your hands dirty). This time, we bring you a living room design composed by Beaumont Sofa, Inside Table Set and Adley Pouf to take advantage of the space without effort. In addition to that, special decorative elements are present to level up the entire scenery.

Starting with the hidden gem of the living room: Adley Pouf, that revolutionizes every idea that we have about poufs.

Adley Pouf is equally fashionable and functional, as we don’t limit its functions to being just a footrest or an additional seating. No. Adley Pouf opens the door to a purposeful world.

Along with a stunning design, it is comfortable enough to serve as an additional seating, as a footrest and it also has storage inside suitable for every kind of living. With a modern take on the traditional shapes and patterns of history, Adley Pouf is available in two different sizes (S and M) and promises to make your life easier, as you deserve.

To assure your guests the ultimate comfort experience, we have Beaumont Sofa (which is also a bed *wink*).

This piece is the ideal design thanks to a clean design, that fits in every style, and generous proportions, being suitable for every living place. Representing simplicity like no other, this design features an innovative single-motion opening system, making room for an inviting bed.

When you open Beaumont, you won’t need to take off its pillows as they are stored in the same place, saving you space and money – just like how we like it: practical and beautiful. Beaumont Sofa is distinct and has everything you need for you to keep up with your lifestyle. It explores the beauty of simplicity pairing a traditional sofa with a modern bed.

Complementing all these elements, we have Inside Table Set – the life saviour of living rooms. Inside is one of the most versatile accessories we have in our collection and we are sure that you know why. It includes different versions to fulfil all of your project’s needs, and its contemporary design is perfect even for the most demanding scenarios.

Here, everything makes sense and provide you the lifestyle we all look for: something that is practical, comfortable and suitable for a fast-paced way of living. Everything will be always ready for you to receive your most-loved ones!

What is your favourite element from this living room design?


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