Meet The World’s Best 10 Interior Designers

Having success in the interior design industry is not for everyone. Professionals need to develop their own path, to overcome their obstacles to build something beautiful and that meets each client’s personality and taste, not giving up on his needs as well. And there’s something artsy in that: coming up with functional and efficient ideas can only be found in people with a natural instinct for that – and this what creates the best interior designers.

These professionals have the ability to move design elements and create order; to suprise us with unsual colour combinations and different shapes. They provide us inspiration every day and it’s time for you to meet them. Dear readers, this is our selection of the world’s best interior designers.

1. Aero Studios

Aero Studios
Image Credits: Architectural Digest / Aero Studios

Aero Studios was fouded by the designer Thomas O’Brien in the city of the Big Apple that is famous for landmarks like Central Park and the Statue of Liberty – New York. This interior design studio has a specialized team to dominate three distinct areas: architecture, interior design and product design – incredibly, they are successful in each one of them!

This studio layes traditional elements with a modern sense that is unforgettable. From lofts to commercial projects, this interdisciplinary studio is known for its elevated craftsmanship and layers of modern materials and elements that mark the start of a unique interior design project.

2. Albion Nord

Albion Nord
Image Credits: Albion Nord

Albion Nord combines the old and new, developing authentic and curated interior design projects like no other.

Established in 2017, Albion Nord‘s souful studio is composed by the interior designer Ben Johnson, the project manager Anthony Kooperman and creative directors Camilla Clarke and Ottalie Stride. This team is specialized in drawing beautiful and balanced interiors with the right proportions and everything that each client’s need. 

When it comes to style, you will find something distinctive and timeless as this London-based studio believes that there is no beauty without character, which expresses their authenticity.

“The result: spaces that have their own life and energy. Places that demand not only to be admired but to be engaged with, enjoyed. Lived in.”


Image Credits: ARRCC

If you are looking for something bold, then you should meet ARRCC. This interior design studio enhances residential, commercial, and hospitality interiors worldwide – creating life in them. It is based in South Africa but its footprint is global thanks to the successful leadership of three inspiring professionals: Mark Rielly, Jon Case, and Michele Rhoda.

With every interior design project, ARRCC proves new ways of living through the creation of smart spaces and authentic emotive experiences, challenging boundaries and delivering exclusive interiors, always according to their architecture, context, and environment.

4. Colette van den Thillart

Collette van den Thillart
Image Credits: Collette van den Thillart

With an established reputation in the world of interior design, Colette van den Thillart created this interior design studio known for its contemporary and traditional interiors. From Toronto to New York and Los Angeles, the world is her home and its creativity lives in every interior design project she creates.

A confident maturity of taste and scale provided by her impressive portfolio, Colette has a design philosophy of uplifting and experiential quality.


“I think a good designer is an anthropologist – it requires a certain amount of daring and erudition; to take risks, stimulate the senses, and explore personal style. You can tell the designers who work viscerally – their work is uplifting in its experiential quality which, to me, is entirely the point of design.”

5. Alyssa Kapito Interiors

Alyssa Kapito, Holiday House 2017, NYC.
Image Credits: Alyssa Kapito

Responsible for minimalist homes, beautiful textures, and clean lines, Alyssa Kapito created her interior design studio in New York City being recognized all over the world for her imagination in the design field. You know, she’s the one that makes every space feel like home!

Inspired by Picasso, Josef Hoffman and Jean Michel Frank, Alyssa Kapito’s work makes every home design break out of the box evolving to something beautiful and unique full of warm neutrals and soothing shapes.

6. Champalimaud Design

Champalimaud Designs
Image Credits: Champalimaud Designs

Committed to creating transformative spaces, Champalimaud Design is an interior design studio based in New York dedicated to express the individual character of each space through extraordinary design.

A team of 50 professionals with the same mindset is what it takes to reach success as they have the right knowledge and expertise in the design industry.  Good design begins with an exceptional story and Champalimaud Design is always telling its own through their interior design projects.

Every approach is a form of poetic translation and expressing emotions through textures and colors.

7. Brad Ford

Image Credits: Brad Ford

Brad Ford and his studio has a special modern aesthetic and a warm soul.

Born in Arkansas, Brad established his own interior design studio in Manhattan in 1998. A timeless effect with clean lines but simple well-crafted furnishings is what makes Brad’s work distinctive.

With an emphasis on residential interior design projects, this interior design studio is known for its sophisticated and straightforward signature that complements and suit the lifestyle of each client in order to create an endlessly comfortable space.

8. Cullman & Kravis Associates

Cullman & Kravis Associates
Image Credits: Cullman & Kravis Associates

From Classic to Contemporary, Cullman & Kravis Associates never fails.

This interior design studio offers the highest quality when it comes to excellent and promises to redefine the traditional interior with a fresh approach and a contemporary point of view.

Located in the vibrant city of New York and founded by Hedi Kravis, Cullman & Kravis Associates works in projects all over the world exposing, in every space, the aesthetic ideas and practical needs of a team made by women. Well, you know who runs the world!

9. Danielle Colding Design

Danielle Colding Designs
Image Credits: Danielle Colding Design

A timeless interior design project is made of a wave of artsy elements. A cosy space is built to reflect every individual that lives in it and Danielle Colding is always proving this kind of philosophy that inspire us every day. There’s no doubt that she is part of this list of the world’s best interior designers. 

This interior design firm was founded in 2006 in New York City and it is committed to showing how the design community is always developing according to its culture and great influence. 

From a wide variety of residential to commercial projects, Danielle is always surprising us because of her classic elegant environments with a comfortable and eclectic charm inspired by world travels.


“There are no “you can’t sit on that chair” spaces here.”

10. Haynes-Roberts

Image Credits: Haynes-Roberts

Finally, eclectic elements combined with contemporary touches are what describe the next world’s best interior design studio: Haynes-Roberts founded by Timothy Haynes and Kevin Roberts in New York. And guess what? They are working on a new website!

With expertise in high-end residential projects, this interior design studio is a whole different level of sophistication: a classic design with an inviting contrast between colors, patterns, and elements transforming its clients’ dreams into reality.

Our curated selection of the world’s best interior designers is what keep us motivated and makes the world of interior design always evolving. Their creativity left a mark on the industry and influences our choices every day so we are sure that you won’t regret getting to know more about them and their work philosophy,

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Featured Image: ARRCC

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