Canada: The Best Interior Designers You Need To Know

Canadian interior designers have distinguished themselves in a broad variety of work in the field since 1950, both as individuals and in design practices, in the country and internationally.

When it comes to style, there is no doubt that design trends in Canada have been evolving over the past few years. From bold wallpapers to bright colours, interior design in Canada is becoming more daring and creative. Neutral colours and natural decor combined with bold prints, paints such as salmon, eggshell, and blush are popular, while floral prints were frequent choices for feature walls, furnishings, and furniture.

Canada is also known to be home to the finest thinkers, home-makers and creators, so today we bring you a selection of the best interior designers from Canada you need to know! Keep reading and discover what Canada has the best when it comes to interior design!

Amanda Hamilton

Image Source: Amanda Hamilton

Amanda Hamilton is an award-winning Canadian designer with a reputation for her vivacious personality and high energy – characteristics that are mirrored in her approach to interior design.

Being one of the most sought-after creatives in Western Canada, Amanda’s designs are bold and highly unconventional. She has an impressive portfolio of both residential and commercial spaces and doesn’t “recycle” a signature style – the team gets to know the client and its vision before bringing concepts forward.

With a BA in Applied Interior Design and a LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Accredited Professional, Amanda Hamilton is also a supporter of career development in young women, has a mentor position with the Harry G. Schaefer Mentorship Program and is also known for being great on the design education front!

Beyond Beige

Image Source: Beyond Beige

Beyond Beige was founded by Reisa Pollard, an award-winning Vancouver interior designer with 18 years of business and more than 400 projects. She creates interesting and unique environments within Vancouver and beyond, from homes to hotels and hospitality outlets.

Beyond Beige team is formed by a seven-strong, all-women studio of designers, AutoCAD technicians and project managers, taking Reisa Pollard’s brand from strength to strength.

This interior designer from Canada is inspired by her clients, travel, continued education, and other leading designers and combines these elements in new and exciting ways with consistently stunning results. The firm also opts to investigate what resonates with the client, so the designs are as diverse and unique as her clientele.

Elizabeth Metcalfe Design

Image Source: Elizabeth Metcalfe Design

Based in Toronto, Elizabeth Metcalfe Design is one of the most renowned interior design firms in Canada. It was founded twenty years ago by Elizabeth Metcalfe with a genuine love for design, a passion for creating beauty and a determination to create a company committed to the highest standards of excellence in the industry.

The studio work is concentrated on a clear niche – luxury and private residences – but with elegance and comfort always in mind. This results in schemes that exude sophistication and a fusion between classicism and modern silhouettes.

Elizabeth Metcalfe Design’s goal, without exception, is to create meaningful, original and beautiful interiors that reflect the authenticity and lifestyle of its clients. In the past few years, they have been receiving multiple international distinctions, putting the firm in the upper echelons of the design community.

Ferris Rafauli

Image Source: Ferris Rafauli

Ferris Rafauli is an award-winning, renowned master designer and artist from Canada. He is known for conceiving and designing ultra-luxury projects for an elite clientele worldwide, such as musician Drake – Ferris is often referred to as a “creator of luxury” as well as an architectural designer in many magazines.

In addition to residences, Ferris has also designed restaurants, lounges, private jets, carts, private yachts and high-end retail commercial spaces.

When it comes to the signature aesthetic of the Canadian interior designer, it is about opulence, finer things and Art Deco-inspired design.

Sophie Burke Design

Image Source: Sophie Burke Design

Last but not least, to finish our selection of the best interior designers in Canada, we bring you Sophie Burke Design. 

Sophie Burke Design is an award-winning Vancouver-based design practice known for subtle sophistication, warmth and creativity as the studio’s style. The firm strives to design simple, timeless and beautiful spaces such as private homes and selected retail projects. The inspiration comes from the raw beauty of the Pacific Northwest combined with elegance, class and understated design.

Sophie Burke’s work has been featured in Canadian magazines and on multiple design blogs, being labelled “Vancouver’s Design Darling” by the Canadian House and Home magazine!

These interior design professionals are just a small representation of the talent Canada has to offer! Besides their projects having exclusive Canadian influences, they have more than one specific style to offer to their clients, which is an amazing advantage, don’t you agree?

Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comment section.

Featured Image: Elizabeth Metcalfe Design


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