Meet The Sweden’s Best 5 Interior Designers

Sweden is a Scandinavian nation with thousands of coastal islands and inland lakes, as well as vast boreal forests and glacial mountains. Those natural elements are unique, being one of the main inspirations for Swedish interior designers and Scandinavian style!

The Scandinavian style was born in Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Norway and Finland) and it is one of the most recognizable and emulated design styles in the interior design world. It is known for the use of neutral palettes, high-quality furniture, natural materials and warm lights and how it brings a calming, inviting and cosy feel to the interiors.

In Sweden, keeping a cosy and inviting interior environment in the home is an important element of an overall happy life. To achieve that, you will need the most experienced and talented professionals, right? So, if you’re looking for services from some of the best interior designers in Sweden, you’ve come to the right place! Ready to meet them?

Emma Hos

Working in interior design since 2012, Emma works with several of the best brokerage firms and with all types of interior design assignments. From consulting on various construction projects and planning showrooms to styling campaigns for various companies in design and interior design, Emma always keeps the Scandinavian principles of neutrality and high-quality design.

The interior designer’s style is mysterious, sophisticated and playful, making her spaces uniquely personal and chic. You can find this amazing and inspiring professional in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Image Credits: Emma Hos
Image Credits: Lotta Agaton

Lotta Agaton Interiors

With more than 20 years of experience, Lotta Agaton Interiors is a multi-disciplinary firm that specialises in commercial styling projects, interior concepts for property development and interior decoration for both private residences and commercial spaces.

The studio was founded with a passion for long-lasting quality and each project is designed and created according to the needs and desires of the clients.

Lotta Agaton Interiors works worldwide but is based in Stockholm, Sweden and it is the perfect interior design firm for a well-curated space with the Scandinavian style!

Studio Lawahl

Studio Lawahl, with many years of experience, specialises in high-end interior design projects for private residences and commercial spaces. The studio guides the clients through the whole process, from sketches to picking out the right wood for the parquet to deciding on the position of the sofa. Every client is unique and every project achieves astonishing results!

Studio Lawahl is based in Stockholm, Sweden and it promises to guide you along the way to the result of your dreams. Take a look at its projects, you won’t regret it!

Image Credits: Studio Lawahl
Image Credits: Refine Design Studio

Refine Design Studio

Refine Design Studio specializes in residential and commercial projects or varying scopes and offers bespoke solutions to optimise and create interior spaces with a unique identity. They are true to the vision of each client, creating cohesive and authentic spaces that suit their lifestyle and requirements.

With a team of designers with a varied international background, Refine Design Studio will find the best solutions for your interior design project. If you are in Stockholm, Sweden, this is the studio to look for!

Studio A3

Quality, commitment and creativity are the best words to define the works of Studio A3. It is an interior design agency with a small team that creates unique and personal interiors for its clients, adapting to their needs and wishes.

The firm is used to working with different interior styles and helps its customers with design, purchase and delivery to the smallest detail. If you want to create a beautiful and functional environment to thrive and live in, Studio A3 is your go-to choice!

Image Credits: Atudio A3

We are used to seeing amazing interior design on a daily basis, but these designers definitely stand out with their unique and special approach to their projects. From the first interior design studio to the last one, you can expect nothing but commitment and stunning design delivered to you. What do you think of our selection of the best interior designers in Sweden?

Featured Image: Lotta Agaton


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