Netherlands: The Best Interior Designers

When it comes to interior design, the Netherlands is one of the most developed countries in Europe. It is recognized for having talented and passionate professionals with impressive projects that made them gain a reputation worldwide. The country has become a well-known must-see destination for design lovers thanks to the professional’s intelligence and creative designs.

Creativity and sophistication developed another whole meaning as the design industry was emerging in this country and you’re about to see why.

By now, you can understand how rich the Netherland’s history is, not only in the industry but also in art itself. After all, it was the hometown of many famous artists such as Vincent Van Gogh and even Rembrandt.

We have selected the five best interior designers in the Netherlands. Immerse yourself into some interior design inspiration and dare yourself to find out all about these professionals!

Kolenik Design

Kolenik Design was founded by Robert Kolenik, an interior and furniture designer who improved his experience at his father’s construction firm – a crucial moment for his development as a professional. This rising star represents the admired generation of Dutch designers.

With a warm, luxurious, and timeless signature, this interior design studio finds its inspiration in the colours drawn from nature, using natural materials such as wood and stone to balance the aesthetics and create harmony in every interior. With a keen sense of detail, Kolenik Design incorporates rich natural materials with the greatest care, also having an ecological conscience in mind without ever interfering with the high standards of quality.

Its ability for interior design is translated for every kind of environment but it is known for the large experience in hospitality ambiences, so you must have already seen hotels, restaurants and bars designed by Kolenik Design Studio.

Image Credits: Kolenik Design

Image Credits: Eric Kuster

Eric Kuster

Eric Kuster is one of the most famous interior designers in the industry, marked by his metropolitan luxury that relies on the perfect balance between classic and contemporary, European and international.

Eric launched his own firm in 1999 and his work ranges from hospitality or commercial to residential projects, including yachts, hotels and even the legendary Amsterdam club Jimmy Woo’s to Barcelona’s Camp Nou Stadium.

For this interior designer, craftsmanship is key. When blended in an exclusive intimate style, he exceeds the client’s expectations in the most effective way, bringing up success and reaffirming the client’s individual elements that describe them.

An aesthetic that goes deeper is offered when a new briefing comes, taking inspiration from travelling through all the beautiful locations of the world. Eric is passionate about what he does, which is the source of his creativity and energy.

Deev Design

Deev Design is an interior design studio based in Utrecht and founded in 2017 by Shayan Shokri.

It is known for representing the personality of each client in every interior Deev creates. Therefore, the client’s lifestyle has a major impact on the design process and that is why you can find several projects with different styles – the representation of the client within the space he is in is truly preponderant to define the characteristics of the space.

From concept development to the realization of the project, with this interior design studio, you can expect spaces with a strong character. Whether they are commercial or residential, Shayan Shokri finds his inspiration in nature, people and their stories.

Image Credits: Deev Design

Image Credits: Day Interior

Day Interior

When you enter the website of Day Interior Studio, you will quickly find the contagious smile of Dayane Pacheco – a Brazilian interior designer who founded this inspiring company and is nowadays contributing to changing people’s lives for the better.

With an architecture background, Dayane has a remarkable education in the interior design world, passing through our Lisbon (Portugal!) and having now established Day Interior.

Whether the focus is on the lighting or even on the bed, each project has something to be inspired about. They are marked by a strong contemporary feeling, in a minimalistic way – every object has its own place and its own purpose.

A modern sense that is exclusive and that brings more comfort and well-being to others, where a singular customer is a unique universe.


You’re going to be impressed by the following studio on this list of the best interior designers in the Netherlands.

Macandsix is an interior design studio based in Amsterdam, that offers a full turn-key service from concept to delivery.

With Lee and Alexander, the working style is collaborative considering the different points of view, needs and wishes, bringing to life projects that reflect the client’s uniqueness.

“(…)Relationships are central to what we do.”

You better get used to projects with a clean design or even coloured ones. Therefore, when Macandsix comes to mind, you will quickly remember their projects of character.

Image Credits: Macandsix

What do you think about these best interior designers in the Netherlands? Can you remember more? Let us know all your thoughts!

Featured Image – Credits: Kolenik Design

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