The Best Interior Designers In France You Should Know About

We cannot lie: Maison&Objet inspired us and made us remember how France is full of great people, beautiful scenery, delicious food, and the best interior designers, whose interiors leave an impression.

Today we bring five interior designers from France to show you the best of this design’s center has to offer. There are quite a few things that you have to take care of and an expert has to handle your all do it for you, without any hassles.

If you’re thinking of designing your interiors, then you should look for the best professional. Shall we know them?

Studio ADN

With experience for two decades, ADN Studio is an interior design studio based in Paris with unforgettable projects. With an incredible approach from retail to residential atmospheres, ADN opened its second studio in 2008. Nowadays, this studio reflects the know-how through a magnific sense of detail combined with functionalism providing ergonomic, elegant places.

Respect for local identities, integration of the natural environment, and consideration of heritage are the main keywords to describe this interior design and architecture studio.

Studio ADN - The Best Interior Designers in France

Image Credits: Studio ADN

Véronique Cotrel Agency - The Best Interior Designers in France

Image Credits: Véronique Cotrel Agency

Véronique Cotrel Agency

Véronique Cotrel launched Véronique Cotrel Agency for almost ten years ago, in Paris. She counts with brilliant design professionals from interior decorators, architects to interior designers with experience in all areas of the building.

Oriented for residential projects, Véronique Agency provides solutions for interior design, ergonomics, circulation thanks to a precise and rigorous description requested before starting a project.

A tailor-made service for you.

Anne-Sophie Pailleret

Anne-Sophie Pailleret is an interior designer based in Paris, known for her stylish, bold interior design projects. Anne enhances the art of living finding the perfect balance between refined materials and pieces from a variety of cultures in residential to public ambiances.

The result? Elegant and precious environments.

Anne-Sophie Pailleret - The Best Interior Designers in France

Image Credits: Anne-Sophie Pailleret

Borella Art Design - The Best Interior Designers in France

Image Credits: Borella Art Design

Borella Art Design

A passion for interior design and creativity brought together a team of creative designers that creates spaces adapted to its environment. Borella Art Design Studio was founded by Christine and Nicola Borella in 1981.

The experience and travels from these two highly experienced interior designers are the sources for their projects with French know-how combined with a keenness for the client’s lifestyle, taste, and personality.

The reinterpretation of poetry, harmony, and delicacy is here!

Elliot Barnes

Spaces with light and unexpected materials are the result of Elliot Barnes’ imagination.

From private interior design projects to commercial and hospitality, you will find Elliot’s signature style throughout France and abroad. A luxury approach is only successful if you place the right objects in the right places and, with Elliot, you will have unique and exclusive spaces designed just for you.

Elliot Barnes’ projects can’t go unnoticed!

Elliot Barnes Interiors - The Best Interior Designers in France

Image Credits: Elliot Barnes Interiors

From the first interior design studio to the last one above, you will find perfection and excellence. And that’s all we can expect from the best interior designers in France.

And if you’re in Paris, find the best combination of high-quality materials and a passion for detailed stitching in Maison&Objet: Hall 6, Stand I82. We will be waiting for you!

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