The Best Interior Designers of Germany To Keep You Inspired

From the Netherlands to the United Arab Emirates and even Spain, there are so many good interior designers so we cannot stop. This list of the best interior designers of Germany will show you how this country is mystical and inspiring. Yes, today we are visiting Germany. Pack your bags!

Interior designers are the greater option if you wish to save money and an endless amount of time for research and have access to different resources. If you are from Germany, this is your opportunity to learn more about these interior designers and their work. We are sure that they are going to decorate the house of your dreams! Let’s see?

Carlo Berlin

With several years of experience, Carlo Berlin is a multidisciplinary studio based in Berlin focused on creating unique tailor-made spaces through a story of finesse where gentle fabrics, elaborated seams, and refined details that fit perfectly on you.

This studio has a certain kind of expertise in beauty and achieved stunning interiors not only in residential surroundings but also in public and hospitality ones. And you must see them, these projects are amazing!

Carlo Berlin Studio offers services such as architecture; interior design; colour and materials consultation; procurement of furniture, lighting, art, and accessories; 3D visualizations and conceptualization so you can enjoy this experience in the best possible. After all, this process of designing a new home is magical!

This way, from the first sketch to the final touches, this team of interior designers and architects shape projects always having in mind what you may like and need with the right amount of courage, sensitivity, and personality. Every project is a fresh start refined by extraordinary detail with a unique approach – “Interior Couture”.

Image Credits: Frank Hülsbömer | Carlo Berlin

Ester Bruzkus

Image Credits: Ester Bruzkus

Founded in 2002, Ester Bruzkus Studio is inspiring. From Berlin to the world, Ester Bruzkus Architekten is an interior design and architecture studio that offers plenty of surprises full of contrast: sharp and soft, curved and straight, rough and smooth – well, you can expect everything from this team of architects and designers!

The projects are marked especially by the mix of cool and warm shades, contrasts, and the surprise factor through the use of colour for emphasis. Don’t be fooled by the sweet atmosphere of the Ester Bruzkus Studio Team: they are powerful and know what they’re doing, thanks to their design experience between remarkable residences, restaurants and hotels.

Delivering excellence is their main goal when designing a project, without ever forgetting about its customer which allowed to this studio build a portfolio of awards. A dialogue between space and light, materials and colours are notorious when you see Ester’s projects. A beautiful and inspiring synergy between the client’s needs, the space and the aspirations of a great design.


Between interior design, architectural design, furniture and construction management, Design4Room has several projects that you can be inspired about. It’s all in the details and Design4Room ensures you that every design needs to be a reflection of the lifestyle of the client combined with the passion of the designer.

Accessible by all, each project is received with a smile on the face, ready to work in a way that is appealing to everybody, improving comfort, and putting aside all the rules and traditions of how every space needs to be.

The history of Berlin, the location of this architectural design firm, inspires this talented team to make more and better. And we can understand – Berlin is such an inspiring city. If you never have been to Berlin, please add it to your travel wish list, you won’t regret it!

Design4Room designs your space for living, working, creating, and relaxing. We don’t need to say anything else, right?

Image Credits: Design4Room

K+K Design

Image Credits: K+K Design

Well, K+K equals designs that are beautiful. K+K  is an interior design studio in Berlin founded by two inspiring women named Kat & Kate. Kat and Kate had the possibility to live and work in many countries such as Poland, Spain, and the United Kingdom with allowed them to become aware of what people need in their everyday life and this is the reason for their success.

This experience between many cultures is the key feature of each project, offering a comprehensive, bespoke design service where the client is involved in every part of the process. The best of all is that K+K cares about craftsmanship, one of the best elements that every interior design studio must have, delivering on time spaces with close attention to detail.

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.”
– Milton Glaser

Susanne Kaiser

Susanne Kaiser is the last company on this list of the best interior designers in Germany. But not least and we will show you why. Susanne is creative and trendy.

This interior design studio is located in the trendy metropolis of Berlin where each gallery, small boutique and restaurant works as a source of inspiration to Susanne. This enables this interior design studio to create coherent, functional and emotional concepts.

From private interiors to hotels and restaurants, this interior design team is multidisciplinary as it offers services such as interior design and architecture, with the goal of creating places that are beautiful and unique.

Image Credits: Susanne Kaiser

Which one of this list of the best interior designers in Germany is your favourite? We would love to know if you know other interior design studios that are inspiring for you so, please share them with us.

We are focused on delivering you the right interior design inspiration. Follow our series of the best interior designers in the world and get to work: The Best Interior Designers

Featured Image – Credits: Carlo Berlin


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