Eclectic Elegance: Design Unique Outdoor Spaces With Bondi Collection

Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to start designing outdoor projects! And we all know that creating a space that reflects personal style and practical elegance can be a thrilling challenge when it comes to outdoor design, right?

With this in mind, Domkapa created the Bondi Outdoor Collection! It offers the perfect blend of versatility, comfort and aesthetic appeal, making it an ideal choice for those looking to craft a distinctive and inviting outdoor environment. With its mix of contemporary lines, durable materials and timeless charm, this collection provides a foundation for eclectic elegance.

Keep reading and find out how to use this stunning collection to design unique outdoor spaces that captivate and inspire.


Inspired by the beautiful Australian beach, Bondi is a minimalistic but comfortable outdoor collection that allows the user to live freely in great Summer moments. This collection features different modules and pieces, from armchairs and poufs to sofas and coffee tables. Every piece is handmade in texturized steel and with outdoor prepared foams and fabrics, allowing it to be used to the fullest. It also comes with a maintenance kit so your clients can enjoy this collection longer.

Shall we take a look at all the modules and pieces?

Let’s begin with some of the Bondi Collection’s standout pieces: the Chaise Longue, Sofa and Pouf. The Bondi Chaise Longue invites sun worshipers to lounge in luxury with its customizable dimensions, materials and armrest sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for any project.

The Bondi Sofa, with its clean aesthetic and organic shape, features a painted steel structure that adds contemporary flair and durability. Whether with or without armrests, it offers stylish comfort.

Complement these with the Bondi Pouf, an elegant upholstered piece that provides versatile comfort and spacious seating, and create a cohesive, inviting outdoor retreat that blends modern design with practical elegance.

Bondi Chaise Longue
Bondi Sofa
Bondi Pouf

Our Bondi Armchair is perfect to relax and embrace the open air with an extra dose of comfort. This unique furniture piece invites you to curl up and celebrate harmony with nature, offering a cosy and inviting look that is far from boring.

Pair this with the Bondi Coffee Table, which creates a warm atmosphere perfect for memorable summers. Its simple design and unforgettable texture add personality and charm to any outdoor space. Complete your outdoor oasis project with the Bondi Side Table, an ideal accessory to add special details and a personal touch to your decor.

Bondi Armchair
Bondi Coffee Table
Bondi Side Table

The outdoor living room set also includes other essential pieces such as the Bondi Lounger, the 1 Seater and the Corner Chair!

The enduring texturized steel structure and organic shape of Bondi Lounger, provide exceptional support and comfort, while the mix of textures and materials ensures a perfect cosy lounge space.

Complement this with the Bondi 1 Seater, a soft and inviting piece that seamlessly integrates with other items from Domkapa’s outdoor collection, offering an irresistible invitation to unwind. Finally, the Bondi Corner Chair was also designed to combine effortlessly with modules like the Bondi Sofa and Bondi Pouf, allowing you to create a personalized and comfortable outdoor retreat.

Bondi Lounger
Bondi 1 Seater
Bondi Corner Chair


An outdoor design project is incomplete without a dining area! These spaces can become central features of exterior design by combining functionality with an inviting atmosphere to improve alfresco dining experiences.

An outdoor dining area should be thoughtfully arranged with weather-resistant dining tables and comfortable seating and our Bondi Collection has the set for your projects. The Bondi Chair embodies a special lifestyle collection marked by organic forms and tactile elements. Its texturized steel structure offers robust support, while the seating ensures a unique comfort experience. Available in two versions, with or without armrests, it pairs beautifully with the Dining Table from the same collection!

The dining table has a minimalistic design, featuring a texturized steel structure that complements any outdoor setting. Available in two sizes, the Bondi Dining Table brings elegance and functionality to your outdoor project, making it the perfect centrepiece for memorable gatherings.

Bondi Chair
Bondi Chair
Bondi Dining Table
Bondi Dining Table

Designing an eclectic outdoor space with the Bondi Collection is all about balancing diverse elements to create a harmonious and inviting environment. By embracing a mix of textures, incorporating bold accents, and ensuring a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor living, you can transform your outdoor projects into unique spaces that reflect your client’s style.


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