Inside mARTy Interior’s Open-Concept Apartment With Juliet Sofa

At Domkapa, we love to share projects that seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics, marking true craftsmanship – especially if it features our pieces! This is brilliantly showcased in the latest apartment project by mARTy Interior, where the open-concept between the living and kitchen space epitomizes contemporary elegance.

At the heart of this design is our Juliet Sofa, a piece that offers exceptional comfort and enhances the overall visual appeal of the space. It is paired with our Panton Coffee Table and it’s the perfect match for this living room! Stay tuned!

ABOUT mARTy interior

With a deep passion for aesthetics and interior design, the founder of mARTy interior, Martina Hrivnakova has been managing projects for Slovakia and international companies for over 15 years. The designer’s internship provided invaluable experience at discovering effective solutions, fostering teamwork and promoting respectful communication.

The mission of mARTy interior team is to improve the quality of life and well-being of its clients by creating spaces that are aesthetically pleasing, functional and harmonious. Marina works closely with talented designers and contractors to bring each project to life, ensuring they meet and exceed customer expectations. In short, the interior designer’s focus is not just on designing spaces but on actualizing them!

Image Source: mARTy interior

Apartment Interior Design in Zvolen

Originally a one-room apartment, this space was designed for a young woman, but with the perspective of full-fledged living for a young couple. Since the apartment was in its original condition and due to its large area, it was possible to convert it into a two-room home.

The new interior, designed by mARTy interior, is characterized by its airiness, lightness and cleanliness, with a logical arrangement of functional zones. The apartment is decorated in light, neutral colours with green accents, creating a cohesive look. As we said in previous articles, using light tones enhances the sense of airiness and visually expands the space, and that favoured this project.

Image Source: mARTy interior
Image Source: mARTy interior


The Juliet Sofa, with its elegant curves and carefully upholstered slopes, is the focal point of the living area. Its design complements the overall aesthetic of the apartment, providing a touch of luxury without overwhelming the space. The sofa’s soft, inviting texture and sophisticated silhouette make it an ideal spot for relaxation, while its presence adds a layer of sophistication to the room.

In front of it is our Panton Coffee Table, from our Panton Table Set. It is a superb table with a cosy style, generous shapes and curvy design. The round glass top is welded to the conical wood base and you will find gentle stainless steel details that can embellish the piece and take it to another level.
Also available in a side table dimension, this is a versatile piece that can be customized in its elements.

This open-concept apartment design by mARTy interior is a masterpiece of modern elegance. The careful selection of furnishings, including the standout Juliet Sofa and Panton Coffee Table, and the cohesive design elements throughout the space, result in a home that is beautiful and functional. This project is an inspiring example for anyone looking to elevate their interior design projects with a blend of sophistication and practicality.

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