A Beach-Inspired Living Room in Los Angeles by Lewis Birks

Los Angeles often reminds us of Hollywood glamour, famous movies, and fashion icons, right? However, besides being one of the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles also has the iconic Venice Beach that brings the laid-back bohemian vibes we often see in the city’s homes. Being a city with diverse influences, it is a thriving center of interior design innovation with projects from every style you can imagine!

Today we bring you a living room project located in Los Angeles, designed by the amazing Lewis Birks, LLC, with our stunning Stella Sofa as one of the main pieces. Are you curious to see how one of our pieces would look in a beachy-vibed project? Keep reading!

About Lewis Birks, LLC

Lewis Birks, LLC is a New York-based firm, founded in 2017 by Anne Lewis Brewer. After working with renowned architects and designers, such as Tori Golub, Thomas Juul-Hansen and Damon Liss, the architect had enough experience and knowledge to found her own company.

Using that expertise, she thoughtfully weaves together vintage pieces with contemporary, custom-designed with off-the-shelf and incorporates the clients’ own collection to create cohesive, timeless, meaningful homes.

If you are looking for an interior design firm that is by your side from the initial design concept to contractor management and final decorative touches, the Lewis Birks, LLC work will not disappoint you!

Image Source: Lewis Birks, LLC
Image Source: Lewis Birks, LLC

With neutral colors and wood accents, this living room instantly transports you to the soothing embrace of sun, sand, and sea. The beach vibes bring a sense of calm, and relaxation through the soft textures, the furniture choices and even the accessories.

The star of the show is our Stella Sofa. Also in a soft beige and a wooden base, this piece features gentle piping from the top to the bottom of this back for a greater illusion as you can perfectly see in this project.

Stella Sofa is a curvilinear sofa with a deep convex back and it allows you to welcome your guests even if you have a small space. Enveloping lines and generous proportions characterize this sofa without giving up the ergonomic function. An exclusive design for the most unique decorations, don’t you agree?


Image Source: Lewis Birks, LLC

The work of Lewis Birks, LLC is truly inspiring and we love to see our Stella Sofa in one of their projects. What do you think about this living room in Los Angeles? We would love to know your thoughts, so leave us a comment in the section below.

If you are working on a project, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our team will be more than happy to help you choose the perfect piece for your space!


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