The Ultimate Guide To Create A Cozy Minimalist Project

The cozy minimalist trend is one of the most recent trends in the interior design world and it’s here to stay. Recently, we wrote an article with a guide on how you can get the minimalist style in your project, however, this new trend is much more than just being minimalist. It is a design that is not just about creating a place that looks good, but a restful home with neutral tones and charming details.

In this article, we made an ultimate guide on how you can incorporate cozy minimalist elements room by room and, best of all, how you can elevate your cozy minimalist scheme with Domkapa pieces!

Create a project that harmonizes warmth and simplicity with expert tips that will guide you into the cozy minimalist trend. Here is our room-by-room guide:

1. Entryway

The entryway is one of the most important spaces because it is the first impression of your home. If you want to create an inviting and organized area, the cozy minimalist approach will help you balance simplicity and functionality.

  • Focus on using practical and minimalist furniture pieces with hidden compartments to keep the space functional and organized. Our Adley Pouf and Avery Pouf are the perfect choice since they were designed to be storage pieces and additional seatings. To keep the space clean, provide designed spaces for shoes, coats, and accessories.
  • Warm lights and mirrors always create a welcome ambiance. If you incorporate mirrors strategically they will reflect light and make the space feel larger. Our Cleo Mirror will upgrade your cozy minimalist design project, for sure!
  • Add a personal touch to the entryway with thoughtful decor and natural elements. A statement piece of artwork or a plant will bring life and freshness to the area.

2. Living Room

When it comes to the heart of a home, the living room is probably the place where we spend more time with family and friends, whether to relax or to socialize. With a careful selection of furniture, textures and colors, you can easily achieve a cozy minimalist vibe with a harmony between simplicity and coziness.

  • Choose furniture with clean lines and focus on comfort rather than excess. A cozy minimalist and modular sofa paired with minimalistic coffee and side tables are the best options, for sure! Our Edward Sofa is extremely comfortable and its modules make it very functional.
  • You should embrace a warm and neutral color palette, using earth tones to create a cozy atmosphere. If you like to see a pop of color in your home, you can do it through pillows and artwork.
  • Incorporate soft textures through rugs and cozy cushions to create a warm and inviting space. Layering textures adds depth and visual interest without overwhelming the room.

3. Bedroom

A cozy minimalist bedroom will bring peaceful vibes and a sense of calmness.

  • Simplify the design as much as you can by removing unnecessary items and selecting furniture pieces with sleek lines and storage solutions. Our Amanda Bed is characterized by its wide upholstered headboard with vertical double-top stitching and integrated wooden bedside tables on both sides. The special design your cozy minimalist project needs!
  • The color palette of your bedroom should be composed of neutral tones, such as muted grays and earth tones. When it comes to the textures, mix and match them and avoid patterns.
  • Bedside table lamps and wall sconces with soft lighting will create a tranquil ambiance in your bedroom. You can also add a touch of nature to the space with plants and furniture made of wood and natural elements!

4. Dining Room

The dining room is as important as the living room when it comes to gathering family and friends to make remarkable memories. The cozy minimalist approach can transform it into an inviting and intimate setting, by selecting the right furniture, light and decor.

  • Choose minimalist furniture with a simple design. The dining chairs should blend seamlessly with the aesthetic of the space, however, they need to be very comfortable! Our Anna Chair has the perfect design for that effect!
  • Matching the other divisions, the light in the dining room should also be soft and warm. To create a focal point, put a suspension lamp above the dining table and you will have functional lighting.
  • The color palette should have neutral and warm colors, with soft grays, warm beiges and muted earth tones.

With this guide and our amazing furniture, you will easily achieve a cozy minimalist design. You can create an inviting and calm space in every room of your house if you follow the most important rule of this trend: less is more and simplicity is the key!

We would love to know your thoughts on the cozy minimalism trend, so leave us a comment in the section below.


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