Edward Sofa: Reinventing The Definition Of Comfort

Our new collection has finally arrived, and we couldn’t be happier with our clients’ feedback! It’s time for you to provide your interior design projects with some cosy updates full of glamour and elegance – this time, with Edward Sofa.

As you already know, Domkapa aims for the perfect meeting between design and comfort, combining them together to create something that is unique and special.

A desire to retreat from the mess of the cosmopolitan life was the main inspiration for the development and design of Edward. We wanted something that could help our clients to forget about their daily life’s challenges. And the conception of Edward Sofa is the flawless outcome of this effort.

Edward is a sofa with a modular system that provides you versatility while its simple lines and beautiful proportions enchants the atmosphere. Between 36 different modules, you are able to build the sofa however you need without limits – a maximum compositional adaptability for every size, every room and every lifestyle. This minimalistic design with a generous silhouette has the ability of providing you a comfortable adventure that can only be describe after experiencing it. You will never have to go out of your comfort zone!

Its balance between its straightforward shapes and clean lines can fit in every style, while its distinct character will stand out everywhere it is in.

Upholstered with weaves Helmand 02, Edward Sofa has five different kinds of modules: corner, final, central and chaise modules with the twist of the stand-alone modules. Due to its number of possibilities, each module has a code, so it can be easily identified by our sales team and our clients.

In every module with arms, you will be able to choose its width: narrow or large; while the size of the seating has also two customization options: small size or large size. Any way you go for, every possibility has a code so you can tell our commercial team which module you are interested in.

Along with these different modules, you can complement the sofa you build with other complements that can easily be added for a bonus functionality. Our range of complements is composed by a magazine rack, a side table with storage space and a headrest.

Edward Sofa has a terrific foam and cosy pillows that, surely, will reinvent your definition of comfort. We would love to know your feedback about it, so feel free to share your thoughts by sending an e-mail to


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