Maison & Objet: A Playground For Professionals

The values are present in the actions and not in our words. Through a noble combination and craft of the materials, you can see for yourself what we represent. This way, every time you try one of our pieces, we will tell you a story about how we reached to this path, and where we want to be in the future.

And, as you will see, our every day’s mission is to turn into reality something that is endlessly comfortable, timeless, and functional. In this year’s edition, Maison & Objet will open doors to Domkapa, that will present you with a new collection and a new product brochure full of inspiration and fresh new ideas for you to conceive unforgettable projects. If you never heard about Maison & Objet, we advise you to take a look at the following article: Maison Et Objet: A Promising Design Event and to guarantee your visit.

Along with high-quality materials and the finest of Portuguese craftsmanship, Maison & Objet is one of the most inspiring trade shows of Europe, so you better take a look at their programme of this year:

Take Care

Take a look at the modern society: everyone is looking for ways to take care of themselves, to reconnect with their inner self. Take care is going to be the theme of this year’s edition and there are four cornerstones of care, such as:

  • Taking care of yourself, where the trade show will encourage their visitors to take their time and clear their heads, as an invitation to openly embrace a peaceful atmosphere and disconnect from the stress of daily life.
  • Take care of nature, echoing a slow living approach, it will be highlighted a relationship between raw materials and nature.
  • Take care of and showing interest in others, as the present and future generations will look for ways to take care of others beyond aesthetic, as you will see in The Art of Resilience, showing of Ukrainian design.
  • Take care of our heritage and expertise, keeping craft alive and ensure that traditions get pass down to future generations.

Following the Take Care subject, there will be many initiatives to build bridges between the world’s different cultures, such as:

Rising Talent Awards
with fresh new talent in the design industry.

What’s New?
focused on a curated selection chosen from amongst the exhibitors’ collections.

Portuguese Quartier
a quarter full of life where Javier Gomez, artist & designer, will showcase the new Portuguese aesthetic that ranges from architecture and design to gastronomy and music.

And Domkapa will surely exceed with expectations, as well. We will be at the Hall 6 / Stand H63 in Maison & Objet to perpetuate exceptional artisan design with a meaningful new collection. Excited to see?

Visit us at Hall 6 / Stand H63 and dare yourself to embark in this journey of the finest Portuguese craftsmanship. We are so excited to meet you!
For a life that is worth living.

Image Credits: Maison & Objet

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