The Perfect Pair: Armchairs With Ottomans For Every Home

At Domkapa comfort and style often go hand in hand and our armchairs are the proof of that statement. We decided to pair our comfortable and functional armchairs with stylish ottomans and they completely blend! This dynamic duo not only offers a cozy place to unwind but also adds a touch of sophistication to any living space.

In this article, we will bring you a selection of armchairs with ottomans from our collection and show how they can transform your home into a space of relaxation and elegance. Keep reading!


Alexander Armchair is a highly innovative solution linked to a functional and quite traditional shape. A powerful and embracing structure where a high back smoothly connects to the seat cushion and ends on a swivel base.

The arms and backrest on this piece slightly arch outwards, inviting everyone to sit. The highlight goes to the additional support padding in the back, held up by a metallic opulent counterweight, that can be adjusted in height and produced in a different finish.

The ottoman looks like a square pouf and matches perfectly with the Alexander Armchair in all elements, including the base – it is the perfect addition to any set!

This timeless armchair coordinates perfectly its materials in a one-of-a-kind piece, especially when presented in a cross-stitched seam.


What a timeless design Elba Armchair is! With an egg shape, this piece reveals generous shapes and a sleek look. The seat holds an extra padded pillow as well as the back. These two pillows provide maximum comfort.

Elba Armchair has an incredible feature: not only is the base a triangle shape handmade in stainless steel but it also swivels, so you can position where you want to face and play around a 360º base.

Match this armchair with Elba Ottoman, from the same collection, for additional comfort and support! It’s such a stylish duo and will look amazing in a living room or even in your bedroom.


Greta Armchair and its ottoman are proof that aesthetics and ergonomics when combined, result beautifully.

Available in two versions, with a lower and higher back, Greta measured proportions perfectly balance thickness and straight lines. The four-leg structure is presented in wood while the seat, back, and armrest are fully upholstered. Across the piece, stitching is found to increase its durability and charm.

The ottoman was made to look like it is a continuation of the chair and it sure adds comfort!

Infinite customization options are available to make sure Greta Armchair and its ottoman are the perfect solution for your design project.

We believe that when you combine an armchair with an ottoman, magic happens! Incorporating them into your home is a decision that combines luxury, comfort and functionality.

So, we encourage you to go ahead and invest in an armchair with an ottoman, and discover the joy of combining style and sophistication right in the comfort of your own home. What do you think?


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