Olivia Sofa: The Definition Of Curves And Comfort

Modular sofas are always a smart and stylish choice for any modern living room! They offer many benefits, such as flexibility, space efficiency and adaptability and can blend form and function seamlessly. Also, modular sofas empower interior designers to create personalized and inviting environments that reflect the unique lifestyles and preferences of their clients.

With this in mind, we decided to add a new piece to our amazing collection of modular sofas: Olivia Sofa. But this is a special one – it is a curved sofa! Are you ready to discover all its details?

Olivia Sofa is a modular sofa that stands out for many reasons.

First, this sofa is all upholstered, including its footer, to match the upholstery of the seat and back. In addition, it has an ergonomic convex backrest, making it the perfect sofa to adapt to the unique contours of any room, transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary corners of comfort and style.

Every curve, every stitch and every detail of Olivia Sofa has been meticulously designed to harmonize perfectly with modern living spaces.

Olivia Sofa includes four distinct modules that allow to configure and obtain different configurations. Each module was thoughtfully designed to adapt to various spatial needs and design preferences. Also, the majority of them have a convex back that distinguishes this sofa from the others.

We also can’t forget another highlight of this piece: the T-shaped seam that follows all the curves of this sofa. It is a very precise and elaborate stitch that upgrades the aesthetic of the details of Olivia.

Essentially, Olivia was created to bring versatility and dynamics to the design and the space!

There is another extremely important detail that we can never forget when it comes to our pieces – comfort!

Olivia Sofa is unexpectedly comfortable for the kind of visual piece it appears to be. That is because our team used pocket springs, a spring wrapped in a mesh, underneath the foams, and when someone sits down, ends up cushioning its sitting. We can assure you it feels like heaven!

All in all, Olivia Sofa is a bulky, rounded, and comfortable solution for your next project.


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