Design Your Space Your Way With Our Modular Sofas

At Domkapa, we consider the living room the heart of a home, where comfort and style are combined to create a space for relaxation and social gatherings. There is one essential element that plays a very important role in this area and must be chosen with much thought and care – the sofa.

When selecting the perfect sofa for your living room, you can opt for the traditional sofas, they do have their charm, but a new trend has been emerging: modular sofas. These versatile and adaptable pieces of furniture have redefined the way we approach seating in a living room, offering a wide of possibilities to customize and optimize your comfort.

Whether you’re working with a compact apartment or have a spacious open floor plan, we have the modular sofa that will adapt perfectly to your living room. Best of all, you can keep changing your modules years down the line! What’s not to love?

Here is our selection of modular sofas:


Disruption is one of our modular sofas, fully upholstered, with minimalistic design and ergonomic proportions.

This system includes settees in various sizes, from pouf to chaise longue, that can be combined to create different solutions. The seat has a high cushion and armrests can also be added by choosing the armchair version.

It is presented in this ambiance upholstered in a Velvet Aldan 2920 and with the following modules: pouf, chair and chaise longue.

Curvy and sophisticated, Disruption Sofa creates cozy interiors with seductive lines.


Meet Edward – one of the latest additions to our modular sofas collection!

Edward Sofa takes inspiration from the desire to retreat from cosmopolitan life. This sofa embodies a modular system with a wide range of elements, allowing you to play with configurations and build a sofa according to your taste, without ever giving up on comfort. Words can’t describe how comfortable it is!

This minimalistic design with generous proportions has a distinct character for its versatility, especially when combined with different accessories, such as a magazine rack, a headrest and a side table.

Offering maximum compositional adaptability, Edward Sofa allows you to play with a wide array of modules for limitless results.


Shinto is a stunning modular system sofa that will revolutionize your design project!

You can choose the combination you want with three different modular designs: chair, chair with chaise longue, and pouf. On the back of each module, two black texturized steel bars slide to the bottom of the sofa, featuring delicate gold stainless steel details.

Sleek piping flows across this sofa to complete an exclusive design with great functionality and comfort.

Discover below some of the possible combinations!

It’s evident that modular sofas are not just about sitting, they are about creating an experience! Whether you prioritize flexibility, contemporary design, or the luxurious embrace of comfort, the options are endless.

We hope you liked our collection and, if you are interested in having your own modular sofa in your living room feel free to send us an e-mail at [email protected].


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