Swivel Into Style With Alice Armchair: Comfort, Style & Functionality

When designing a commercial project, every element plays a crucial role in shaping the ambience and functionality of a space. Finding the perfect balance between style, comfort and practicality can be challenging among the many choices available. However, we have the perfect solution with the new Alice Armchair!

A design made for comfort in commercial spaces, Alice is a compact and round-shaped armchair that can fit every room. It comprises three essential elements: the seat, the back and the backrest cushion. Each has a very voluminous and organic appearance that is unified by a stitching detail, coming together into a unique armchair.

Discover the innovative features that make Alice Armchair a must-have for your next project!

Aspen Cuoio

Designed for compact spaces, the Alice Armchair stands as an innovation in comfort. Its organic and round-shaped silhouette is ideal for any commercial setting, whether it be a restless office lobby, a chic boutique or a hotel bar. This adaptability is optimised by its swivel back base, a feature that not only adds a touch of modernity but also ensures that the armchair always returns to its original position, maintaining the perfect alignment after each use.

It allows the space to be organised at all times and movement is much more fluid and easier!

One of the defining characteristics of Alice Armchair is its exquisite and elaborate seam work. Every stitch speaks volumes of craftsmanship, especially the horizontal seam that perfectly aligns with the seat height. This detail upraises the armchair’s aesthetic and emphasises Domkapa’s commitment to quality and precision.

Beyond this attention to detail, this piece also prioritizes comfort! Its ergonomic design and size provide ample support, allowing the user to relax and unwind without sacrificing style.

In commercial projects where every detail matters, the Alice Armchair is an indispensable asset. Its compact design, fine craftsmanship and commitment to comfort make it the ultimate choice for discerning designers and clients alike. With this armchair, the future of commercial interiors is as inviting as it is elegant!

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