Frank Chair: Redefining Comfort In Commercial And Hospitality Projects

The design industry is always changing and, at Domkapa, we always work to find the perfect balance between comfort and functionality in both contract and residential projects. Our new collection is the result of this continued work and Frank Chair is one of the pieces with that balance!

Frank Chair is a sophisticated seating solution perfectly fitted for commercial and hospitality projects and designed to elevate spaces with its simple yet refined aesthetics. At first glance, it presents an understated elegance, however, its clean lines and minimalist shape transmit a timeless feeling that can be integrated into a variety of interior design schemes.

Whether adorning a restaurant or enhancing the ambience of a corporate office, the Frank Chair’s versatility knows no bounds!

Bergen Sage & Tabac Ash

Frank Chair emerged from the need to create a lightweight piece that can fit into projects that involve bigger orders and quantities.

It has simple and straight lines but features a discrete yet elegant cross-stitching detail on the backrest, adding a touch of sophistication to its overall design. This subtle embellishment not only elevates the chair itself but also enhances the ambience of the space it inhabits!

Its details like this zigzag stitching that make our pieces stand out, right?

Bergen Sage & Tabac Ash
Brampton Fog | Hudson Cappuccino | Dover Mosse

But aesthetics is not the only thing the Frank Chair brings to the table. Its solid wood legs and frame deliver the sobriety needed for commercial and hospitality settings, ensuring durability and stability without compromising on style.

To achieve that, we had to resort to old joinery work to reinforce this piece and still give it all the structural rigidity necessary and quality.

Whether used for casual seating or as part of a formal dining arrangement, the Frank Chair offers the comfort and support needed, making it the perfect choice for long hours of relaxation or productivity.

Bergen Sage & Tabac Ash
Bergen Sage & Tabac Ash

Considering all its details, we can conclude that Frank Chair blends into its surroundings while still making a statement. Its sleek profile and customization options allow it to complement a wide range of design styles, from contemporary and minimalist to classic and traditional. Also, this fusion of comfort and functionality, makes it the perfect addition to any commercial and hospitality project.


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