Classic Charm And Contemporary Comfort Unite: Meet Norah Chair

The dining room is that space in the home that, as well as being sophisticated and elegant, requires comfort. It’s more than just a room adorned with a table and chairs – it’s where family gatherings, intimate dinners and festive celebrations take place! However, the choice of that table and chairs is essential if these moments are to be shared most comfortably and practically.

Norah Chair was designed with exactly that in mind. Its creation came from the need to take the comfort of a dining chair to a new level, using exquisite production techniques and respecting all the values and identity that Domkapa currently has.

Are you ready to meet Norah?

Hudson Beige & Aspen Truffle & Tabac Ash

Norah Chair has a four-legged solid wood frame, exuding strength and durability while maintaining a sense of elegance. This base incorporates classic wooden details and subtle yet striking vertical folds on the backrest – delicate touches that add depth and character to the chair.

This fusion of classic elegance and modern comfort makes Norah a timeless addition to any dining space, effortlessly elevating the ambience and inviting guests to linger a little longer around the table!

Helmand 10 & Mocha Ash | Avalon Cappuccino & Dover Camel & Graphite Ash
Provence Honey & Stone Ash

Versatility & Customisation

One of the features that makes the Norah Chair distinctive is its versatility in the selection of materials. It encourages exploration and creativity by offering the opportunity to play with contrasting fabrics on the seat and backrest. It’s almost a double backrest, which allows the back to be made from a separate fabric and sits like a shell, enveloping the entire back of the chair.

Whether in sumptuous velvet or luxurious natural leather, the Norah Chair allows homeowners to personalise their dining experience according to their tastes and preferences.

Norah Chair detail backrest
Hudson Beige & Aspen Truffle & Tabac Ash
Norah Chair base detail
Hudson Beige & Aspen Truffle & Tabac Ash
Norah Chair dining
Hudson Beige & Aspen Truffle & Tabac Ash

Beyond its aesthetic details, the Norah Chair prioritizes comfort without compromise. Each element of its design, from the gentle curvature of the backrest to the balanced proportions of the seat, is meticulously crafted to provide an unparalleled level of comfort.

From the selection of premium materials to the precision of its design, each detail of Norah represents Domkapa’s commitment to quality craftsmanship. It will elevate your next dining room project, for sure!


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