Elevate Your Space With Jermain: A Chair For Every Occasion

Jermain is one of the most versatile and elegant seating pieces from our new collection!

This extraordinary chair offers a customisable experience, with the option of choosing between a wooden or metal base. It was designed with meticulous attention to detail and seamlessly blends into any space, whether it’s a cosy living room or an elegant office environment.

Jermain’s architectural design, combined with discreetly integrated comfort features, is a timeless addition to any project. Keep reading and discover every feature of this chair!

One Chair, Two Versions

Osaka Graphite & Graphite Ash

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Jermain Chair offers a customizable experience like no other. It is divided into two options: one with a metal base, primarily for office use, and one with a wooden base, designed to be used as a standard dining chair.

The wooden base presents four legs with angular cuts, giving the chair an architectural design that catches the eye. Meanwhile, the metallic option features four-star feet with a swivel system, making it the perfect choice for dynamic office settings.

Astoria Stracciattela & Mocha Ash | Avalon Ash
Avalon Ash
Bergen Toffee & Tabac Ash

The Jermain Chair was designed to fulfil the need for an open-back chair that was easy to handle. That elegant opening on the back of the chair adds a contemporary touch, infusing any space with modern sophistication.

In terms of comfort, Jermain features a convex back that extends gracefully into discreet armrests, providing exceptional support during long hours of use.

However, the highlight of this piece is the slight open bend of the armrests, which gives the impression that the upholstery has been folded into the corner. The development of this detail was thought of not only as an aesthetic form but also as an ergonomic one. In fact, this type of armrest makes Jermain an extremely comfortable chair!

Osaka Graphite & Chrome
Osaka Graphite & Graphite Ash
Osaka Graphite & Graphite Ash

All features considered, the Jermain Chair is an extraordinary and timeless design, the result of an elaborate manufacturing process and a well-thought-out technical development. 

Whether seeking to elevate a home decor project or enhance an office ambience, this piece offers the perfect fusion of style, functionality and comfort. Experience the fine design and craftsmanship of Jermain – where every detail was tailored to perfection!


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