Outdoor: An Invitation To Sun Worshippers To Lounge

These raising temperatures call for a stunning outdoor space for you to enjoy the open air with an extra dose of comfort, right? Domkapa’s Outdoor Collection offers you exactly that: a special harmony with nature, far from being boring.

From sofas to chaise longues and even side and coffee tables, Bondi and Copacabana are ready to create a warm atmosphere, giving personality to your outdoor space. After all, we all want memorable summers, right?

This refined clean aesthetic will conquer all the attention so you can invite your friends and family to relish a cosy outdoor look for unique quality moments near the pool.

While Bondi has the power to influence your mood, Copacabana gives you an extra dose of comfort. Serene, this collection is a must-have for happier summers, offering you the power of getting the outdoor space however you need thanks to its endless customization options – that’s right: you can customize this dimension, the materials as well as the size of the armrest to make sure you have the result you always dreamed of.

This collection that seduces for its personality reflects a special lifestyle collection characterized by organic forms and tactile elements. The structure won’t oxidize, colours are treated to withstand the sun and the aesthetic is as strong as creativity allows. An invitation to relax and dive in comfort.


Bondi will allow you to enjoy the open air with an extra dose of comfort so you better start to decorate your interior design project from the outside and you will defeat a bad mood. Bondi collection is completed by nine elements that complete each other without ever taking too much attention. However, you can buy them separately so they can fit exactly in your outdoor space! It is all about the fit.

These outdoor furniture pieces will empower your space with your personal touch so you can invite guests to dine alfresco. They will fall in love with Bondi’s organic shape and pleasing contemporary design!

Bondi Armchair
Bondi Coffee Table
Copacabana Chaise Longue


With Copacabana, less is more. From Rhine Ice Fabric, through Black Texturized Steel to Bamboo Wood, this minimalistic design provides family-friendly comfort through reinvented design and textures full of beautiful hues that inspires them to have a distinctive season.

It will occupy a special place in your outdoor projects and will provide a unique power to influence your client’s mood for its serenity and comfort. Copacabana’s customization and settings possibilities can allow you to design the space whoever you need and wherever you want.

This collection is a must-have for families who love having exclusive furniture pieces to spend quality time together.

Copacabana Sofa
Copacabana Side Table
Copacabana Chaise Longue

Domkapa’s Outdoor Collection invites sun worshipers to lounge. What are you waiting for?


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