Mediterranean Calmness: A Living Room Project With Panton

Mediterranean Calmness: A Living Room Project With Panton

From concept to creation, we love presenting you with amazing projects from our talented clients that capture the imagination and spark inspiration. Therefore, today we bring you the interior designers Yuliya Ochkal and Nataliya Lenintseva‘s latest project, “Male interior in harmony with Mediterranean calmness“, which features our Panton Coffee Table!

The flat is situated in the vibrant ambience of Cyprus and promises serenity and style. Join us as we explore this inviting space, where simplicity and calmness are prevalent, offering a refreshing escape from the everyday hustle and bustle!

Meet the project

Based in Cyprus, Yuliya Ochkal and Nataliya Lenintseva are the interior designers behind the “Male interior in harmony with Mediterranean calmness” project plus the stylish Diana Mukhtarova. Situated along the Mediterranean coast of Limassol, Cyprus, the apartment with an area of 130 sq.m showcases, as the designers said, “a meticulous balance of refined restraint and ethereal spontaneity and emanates timeless elegance.”

Their client wished to create an attractive interior to hold formal and informal meetings through furniture, decorations and textiles. And that is exactly what Yulia and Nataliya did through large and strict male forms! The glass surfaces and metal in the furniture were smoothed by the textures and soft shapes in the textiles chosen. The decorations brought an organic touch to the space creating the perfect harmony.

Are you ready to meet our favourite area – the living room?

interior designers Yuliya Ochkal and Nataliya Lenintseva
Photographer: Elizaveta Gurovskaya

Get the look

The interior designers selected our Panton Coffee Table to be the centrepiece of the living room of this project in Cyprus! We couldn’t be more honoured!

Panton is a superb table with a cosy style, generous shapes and curvy design. The round glass top, presented in Glass Bronze, is welded to the conical Fumé Eucalyptus wood base serving various functions that can be included in both domestic settings and public venues. Along the piece, you will find gentle stainless steel details that can embellish and take it to another level.

Available in coffee and side table dimensions, this is a versatile piece that can be customized in its elements!

Photographer: Elizaveta Gurovskaya
Photographer: Elizaveta Gurovskaya

Even though the sofa and armchairs aren’t from Domkapa, you can get the full look for your next project with our collection.

For the armchairs, we selected our new Hubert Armchair! It is an intricate piece with attention to detail that combines soft lines with the roughness of the metallic structure. The backrest is divided by a fine stitching technique into three different sections and all are padded with feathers and highly soft foams, making this an extremely comfortable piece. Perfect for this living room, right?

Regarding the sofa, our Edward is perfect for this space! This piece embodies a modular system with a wide range of elements, allowing you to play with configurations and build a sofa according to your taste, without ever giving up on comfort.

Photographer: Elizaveta Gurovskaya
Hubert Armchair
Photographer: Elizaveta Gurovskaya
Edward Sofa

From the gentle curves of the Panton Coffee Table to the soothing hues that adorn the space, every element harmonizes to create a Mediterranean calmness. We hope this project from Yuliya Ochkal and Nataliya Lenintseva has inspired you to embrace simplicity and elegance in your next work!

If you are working on a project and would like to include our pieces, don’t hesitate to contact us through We are more than happy to help you!


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