A Maite de la Rosa Project: The Subtle Use Of Orange In Neutral Spaces

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The delicate balance between serenity and vibrancy often dictates the success of a space’s aesthetic, right? Well, Maite de la Rosa Studio has masterfully achieved this equilibrium in their latest project — a stunning living room and kitchen that seamlessly blends neutral tones with bold orange accents. This design not only exudes contemporary elegance but also creates a warm, inviting atmosphere that speaks to both modern sophistication and timeless comfort. Through a thoughtful selection of materials, colours and furnishings from Domkapa, Maite de la Rosa has transformed these essential spaces into a harmonious home, showcasing the power of subtle yet striking design choices.

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Based in Spain, Maite de la Rosa earned her diploma in Interior Decoration and Window Dressing from the ABSE School of Design and Decoration and expanded her studies in Colour, Light & Space on Interior Decoration at the Inchbald School of Design in London. Influenced by renowned architect and decorator Joaquín Angoloti, with whom she worked early in her career, she developed a deep passion for decoration.

In 2006, Maite de la Rosa opened her interior design studio, focusing on creating harmonious and elegant homes with personalised and individualised designs. By around 2010, she expanded her projects beyond residential spaces, designing notable commercial interiors such as the Acqua Restaurant in Fuengirola and the Malibu Beach Bar.

Image Source: Maite de la Rosa Studio

Proyecto Decorativo en Estepona

Maite de la Rosa Studio‘s latest project represents modern elegance through its meticulous design of a living room and kitchen, where neutral colours form the serene backdrop for vibrant orange accents. This thoughtful integration of hues creates a balanced and inviting atmosphere, highlighting the studio’s expertise in blending subtle sophistication with bold elements.

Each element, from the carefully chosen pieces, such as our Legacy Armchairs, Louise Counter Chairs and Panton Table Set, to the strategic use of lighting, reflects the studio’s commitment to creating harmonious and personalised spaces. This design not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also fosters a warm and comfortable environment, making it a true testament to Maite de la Rosa‘s vision and craftsmanship.

Image Source: Maite de la Rosa Studio
Image Source: Maite de la Rosa Studio



The statement piece of this living room is our Legacy Armchair in orange tones! This stunning armchair is the result of highly innovative solutions attached to functional and cosy shapes, merging in a harmonious craftwork design. Without armrests, the wide back smoothly flows into the structure. On the back, a minimalistic line is stitched from the top to the bottom, enhancing the beauty of a simple design.

The centre table is from our Panton Table Set – a set with a cosy style, generous shape and curvaceous design. The round glass top is welded to the conical wood base serving various functions that can be included in both domestic settings and public venues. Along the piece, you will find gentle stainless steel details that can embellish it and take it to another level.


In the kitchen, you can find three Louise Counter Chairs in a white bouclé fabric. Louise‘s robust design exhales confidence and character allied with simple lines but a strong statement of comfort. The back and seat are fully upholstered for a relaxing experience while the wooden legs finish the exquisiteness of the design. The slightly curvy back will ensure a cosy experience with a daring design including golden nails.

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