A Glimpse Into Manhattan’s Most Opulent Penthouse

Today, we bring you a project that recently left us amazed by its interior design – the Manhattans’ most opulent penthouse! It was designed by Sebastian Zuchowicki and, as you step into this luxury home, the fusion of the Japanese and Art Deco styles is evident.

The most amazing thing about having a penthouse in Manhattan is the panoramic views of its skyline. Every window will look like a canvas, framing the city’s views. Are you ready to see this project and discover how you can get the look with Domkapa’s pieces?

Besides the amazing views, what truly sets this penthouse apart is how Sebastian Zuchowicki made the innovative fusion of Japanese and Art Deco design elements. The Japanese aesthetics are defined by simplicity, harmony and connection to nature, while the Art Deco’s are more opulent, with geometric patterns and glamorous materials. As incredible as it seems, they both blend seamlessly, resulting in a unique interior design!

In the lounge room of this penthouse, you can find the influence of Japanese design in the clean lines, uncluttered spaces and the use of natural materials like wood and stone.

Our Edward Sofa would be a great option if you would like to recreate this look! Pair it with our Alice Armchair and Panton Coffee Table and you will have your own Japanese-inspired space.

While the lounge room is composed of Japanese elements that infuse a sense of serenity, the bedroom has more Art Deco details. This style is characterized by bold patterns, metallic accents and the use of materials like brass, gold and marble. It is an opulent and glamorous design.

Here, the fusion of both styles is seen through the velvet padding on the bed and armchair and the geometric and bold metallic accents on the side table. This fusion doesn’t overwhelm; instead, it elevates the luxury of the penthouse, making it a space where history, culture, and modernity converge.

Our Yumi Bed, with its upholstered structure and headboard, is the perfect piece to recreate this space, while our Elba Armchair with its Ottoman paired with our Inside Side Table would complete the corner of the bedroom. What do you think?

When it comes to the living room of this penthouse, which is connected to the dining room, you can immediately see the contrast between the soft Japanese elements and the bold Art Deco accents. The sofa is upholstered in a dark blue velvet and it contrasts with the geometric patterns in the area rugs and pillows.

In the dining room, the table was crafted in a dark wood and its design is simple but functional, while the dining chairs match perfectly with their clean lines and neutral padding. The simplicity and elegance found in this space connect seamlessly to the glamour and extravagance of the living room. A dream, for sure!

To get the look of these areas, we suggest our Beaumont Sofa for the living room with our Mano Coffee Table, which is fully upholstered in natural leather while the top features a wooden board. For the dining room, we believe our Eva Chair would fit perfectly, with its soft lines and comfortable seating experience!

This luxury penthouse in Manhattan designed by Sebastian Zuchowicki is an inspiration for us – the fusion of two styles is not something easy to achieve, however, the designer did it perfectly! We hope this project inspires you for your next project and, hopefully, you can use our suggested pieces!


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