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How To Design A Cosy And Warm Bedroom For Winter

Now that Winter is coming and the days are getting shorter and colder, nothing is better than retreating to the warmth and comfort of our homes. The living room is probably the space where we spent more time this season, but there is one room where cosiness, comfort and warmth are essential – the bedroom.

Designing a bedroom while creating an inviting space isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about crafting the perfect environment to unwind, relax, and find comfort amidst the Winter’s frosty grip. It is a very personal space and it should always be designed with that in mind, no matter the season or the style – you should never feel cold or uncomfortable in your own bedroom!

Today we gathered some tips on how to design a cosy and warm bedroom so you can be prepared for the coldest of Winter nights! Keep reading!


Whether the bedroom you are designing is small or oversized, the use of wood accents is the perfect way to add a sense of warmth. Whether you incorporate wood on the walls or choose wood furnishings and accents, such as bedside tables or even a chair, it will always create a feeling of cosiness and comfort in the bedroom.

In this bedroom, designed by Domkapa, besides the wood incorporated into the walls, you can also find some wood furnishings.

Our Inside Side Table is perfect to fulfill all of your project’s needs! It has texturized steel legs with an x-shape base creating an optical illusion. The top is available in wood and stainless steel, guaranteeing a unique look in every finish you choose.

On the other side of the bedroom, you can find our Ruth Chair. Inspired by a concept of grace, comfort, and sophistication, the Ruth Chair is distinguished by its soft shapes and sleek design. The wood frame and clean-cut lines are complemented by the ergonomic and convex backrest, covered in textiles or leather chosen from the wide range of Domkapa’s collection. It is the perfect example of ”less is more”, giving attention to details while creating a timeless classic, don’t you agree?

Winter Bedroom


When designing the perfect cosy and warm bedroom for Winter, you need to pay attention to one important detail – the lighting. You can incorporate different sources of lighting like soft bedside lamps and ceiling lights strategically positioned to create a low-light effect.  However, the best light source will always be natural light! If you have this in mind while you are designing the bedroom, you will be able to arrange the furniture to get the best that natural light has to offer.


Choosing a palette with only neutral colours for a bedroom has a lot of benefits! They give a sense of calm to the room while making it cosy and welcoming. It is also a very versatile palette since you can match it with different textures, and use it on the pillows, knits and accessories.

Domkapa has the perfect furniture to design a Winter bedroom with neutral colours. 

For the bed, we suggest Echo –  the ideal bed design if you are looking for comfort allied with stunning features and details.  Sophisticated and expansive, Echo’s headboard is full of enveloping lines enhanced by incredible aesthetics and fine tailoring. It also features a distinctive wrap-around headboard, with elegant wings for moments of intimacy and shelter.

The bedside table is the stunning Mano – an outstanding piece with striking aesthetic balance and functionality, merging in a harmonious craftwork design. Its round structure is fully upholstered in natural leather while the top features a wooden board. The leather frame includes four panels that come together to create a marvellous design and high-end production skills.


If you are using the neutral-toned palette, you must go for a minimal design. Fill the bedroom with a few pieces of furniture – but make sure they make a statement! Choose an interesting nightstand, like our Grazi, or a not-so-typical pouf, like our Grant and you will have the personality and elegance your bedroom needs for this Winter while adding comfort and cosiness!


You can add some extra warmth to your bedroom design by adding leather accents. A leather bed frame can add a cushion-like aesthetic, however, if you want to step up, add a leather sofa and you will have the perfect Winter ambience!

To give you some inspiration for your next project, we bring you a bedroom that would fit all the tips above! A Winter Wonderland, we must say! It has a neutral-toned palette, a huge source of natural light, a minimalist design and a few wood details.

Also, you can find the leather accents on our Juliet Sofa. Inspired by a concept of elegance, comfort, and intimacy, the Juliet Sofa is a rounded piece supported by four steel legs and tubing. The highlight of this piece is represented by the carefully upholstered slopes, emphasized by horizontal bands of haute-couture stitching. A welcoming sofa with endless comfort and elevated when displayed in wine-coloured leather! 

We hope these tips help you add warmth and cosiness to your next Winter projects, especially in the bedrooms. We can guarantee you that Domkapa’s collection will always be a good choice when it comes to the comfort required for this space!


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