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Check-In to Inspiration: Hotels Every Interior Designer Should Experience

In interior design, inspiration can be found in the most unexpected places. This creativity needed to create the best projects can be found within the walls of hotels around the globe! That’s right, hospitality spaces not only offer luxurious accommodations but also serve as immersive experiences in design innovation.

For interior designers seeking new perspectives and creative stimulation, embarking on a journey through these iconic hotels is nothing short of a design odyssey. Don’t miss out on the design inspiration waiting for you. Keep exploring!

Hotels with a Domkapa Touch

Turim Oporto Hotel

Right in the heart of Porto, Portugal, the essence of Domkapa’s craftsmanship has found its way into a welcoming hotel project, gracing the interiors with a touch of cosy elegance! We are talking about the stunning Turim Oporto Hotel, a four-star hotel where each handcrafted piece represents a combination of comfort, functionality and excellence. It has 100 rooms and its design was inspired by the city traditions, such as the Port Wine and the unbelievably good gastronomy.

The colour palette of the lobby is mainly composed of neutral tones and red accents, which creates a great contrast between luxury and warmth. Our Edison Armchair and Chloe Sofa, with their curved silhouettes, invite guests to unwind in style. Upholstered in high-quality fabrics that mirror the warm tones of the surroundings, these pieces create a balanced and inviting atmosphere.

If you’re planning to visit Portugal, this is one of the hotels to keep in mind!

MiHotel La Tour Rose

We are so proud to be part of this stunning hospitality project that we could not share it with you in this selection! Designed by AMA Studio, MiHotel La Tour Rose is an emblematic place in the heart of Lyon, and exhales a warm atmosphere. Inspired by the French and Moroccan art of living, we have a special presence at the Cobalt Suite, which was beautifully renovated.

As you can see, refined materials are the heart of this loving space, where sophistication and elegance are enhanced in a magical way. Neutral schemes are, surely, here to stay and this suite is the perfect example of it. Artisanal travel takes place and levels it to the highest level, especially for the dark small details all over the room.

One of our best-sellers can be found here: Shinto Sofa and there’s nothing more we can say about Shinto unless that it is a stunning piece, don’t you agree?

Warsaw City Suite

Warsaw City Suite by Noma Homes is a hotel-styled apartment in the vibrant heart of Poland’s capital. Set within a discreet 1950s apartment building, this hidden gem promises an exclusive and immersive stay, far from the bustling streets yet still within reach of Warsaw’s dynamic centre. Due to the thoughtful choice of furniture and decoration, it offers a luxurious and comfortable experience to both business and leisure travellers.

From the moment you cross the door, you’ll be greeted by a sense of warmth and hospitality that sets Warsaw City Suite apart. Each element has been carefully selected to evoke a feeling of luxury and comfort. You are immediately invited to sink into our Chloe Sofa, an outstanding design piece with a striking aesthetic balance and refined materials.

But it’s not just the impeccable aesthetics that set this project apart—it’s the thoughtful accessories and personalized touches that elevate the experience to new heights. With that in mind, the Noma Homes team completed the living area with our Megan Armchair and Panton Side Table!

Why settle for a typical hotel when you can indulge in the ultimate luxury experience? This project by Noma Homes will definitely be your home away from home!

More Amazing Hotels


Situated on the serene island of Folegandros, Gundari stands as the epitome of opulence and luxury. It was majestically built atop rugged cliffs and offers panoramic views of the Aegean Sea’s tranquil waters.

This exceptional resort is a haven meticulously designed to evoke inspiration and renewal. With a core ethos centred on well-being, culinary excellence and environmental sustainability, Gundari invites guests on an extraordinary journey. Here, amidst the untamed beauty of its surroundings, one can luxuriate in a seamless fusion of lavish comfort and the untouched splendour of nature.

The Rooster

Situated on the idyllic island of Antiparos, The Rooster embodies a design narrative that celebrates tradition, serenity and the allure of nature. Embracing the essence of its surroundings, this boutique hotel seamlessly integrates natural textures and elements into its architecture, fostering spaces that merge with the island’s charm.

Among its notable attributes are the outdoor spaces, greeting guests to immerse themselves in Antiparos’ natural grandeur. Whether you crave a tranquil stay or an exhilarating outdoor escapade, The Rooster promises an experience where design, relaxation and the untamed beauty of nature converge in perfect harmony!

By embarking on a journey through these captivating hotels, designers can collect insights, find inspiration and expand their creative horizons, ultimately shaping the future of their projects.

So pack your bags, grab your sketchbook and prepare for a design trip unlike any other. Your next great inspiration may be just a hotel stay away!


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