The Ultimate Guide To Selecting The Right Armchair For Your Project

One of the most difficult stages when designing a project is choosing the furniture for the different spaces, right? When it comes to armchairs, one of Domkapa’s specialities, we’ve put together a guide on how to choose the right armchair for your next design project!

Selecting the perfect armchair for your project goes beyond just picking something that looks good. It’s about finding a balance between style, comfort and functionality to ensure that the space not only looks great but also serves its intended purpose.

Ready to elevate your project with the right armchair? Keep reading to find out how!

Before beginning your research for the right armchair, you’ll need to consider its purpose – this will help determine the style, material and positioning of the seat in the space. Also, there are some important questions you should have in mind through the selection:

  • How important is comfort?

An armchair should invite people to sit and relax. Consider factors like cushioning, seat depth and back support. If it’s meant for lounging, opt for a deeper seat and plush cushions. For a more formal setting, a firmer seat with proper lumbar support might be preferable.

  • Will the armchair be used primarily for seating or does it need to serve additional purposes like swivelling?

Functionality is equally important. If space is limited, consider armchairs with a swivel base or those that can be easily moved around to accommodate different activities.

  • What is the style of the room the armchair will belong in?

Is it modern and elegant or classic and traditional? The armchair you choose should complement the existing aesthetic while also adding a touch of personality. Look for features such as the shape, the upholstery fabric and any decorative details that align with your client’s design vision.

Elba Armchair

Materials To Look Out For

Legacy Armchair in Aldan 2920

Armchairs in Velvet

If you want to introduce velvet in your design project, an armchair is a great way to do it! It will also give a luxurious and cosy feel to the space.

When it comes to the colours, consider neutral options for a timeless feeling and more versatility. If the armchair is planned to be a statement piece, opt for a bold tone, like our Legacy Armchair shown here in Aldan 2920 velvet. 

Armchairs in Wood

Incorporating wooden elements into an armchair seamlessly integrates it into a space while harmonizing with the floor and surrounding furniture. Whether your client prefers wooden legs alone or desires a wooden frame, wooden armchairs complement various interior design styles.

Select lighter wood tones for a Scandinavian aesthetic or opt for dark, polished finishes for a touch of sophistication! In this living room, our Megan Armchair is presented in Graphite Ash, a solid and dark wood.

Megan Armchair in Dover Umber & Graphite Ash
Juliet Armchair in Columbia Mouse & Smoky Black Polished

Armchairs in Bouclé

If your project reflects a sense of chic, the right armchair for it should be in a refined fabric like bouclé. It looks best in creamy and ecru tones and the texture brings dimension to any space, as you can see in our Juliet Armchair, upholstered in Columbia Mouse bouclé.

Paired with a modern, transitional scheme, an armchair in bouclé complements a neutral palette beautifully whilst adding interest!

Armchairs in Rattan

Becoming increasingly popular, rattan armchairs are versatile additions to a variety of interior settings. Whether your client leans towards minimalist design principles or prefers a hint of retro flair reminiscent of the 70s, a rattan armchair offers a chic enhancement to your space.

In this space, our Eva Armchair is a homage to the Portuguese traditional production techniques. The wooden structure features a rattan back and side, perfect to add a boho-chic touch to your design project!

Eva Armchair in Bergen Toffee & Tabac Ash & Rattan

The right armchair for your project should be a balance between style, comfort and functionality. Take the time to explore your options (we have several here!), considering how each choice will contribute to the overall look and feel of the space you are designing. With careful consideration, you can craft a comfortable and inviting environment that reflects your project’s unique personality and purpose.


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