Festive Nights, Merry Days: Set Your Bedroom For The Christmas Season

As the festive spirit wraps its magic around us, there is an undeniable desire to adorn every corner of our homes with the warmth and joy of Christmas!

The living room often steals the show with its grand tree and adornments, but why should the magic of Christmas confine itself solely to the common spaces when the bedroom, too, deserves its fair share of the glamour of this season?

Beyond the living room’s festivities, we will explore how you can introduce the spirit of the season into this intimate space — a place of rest and where you dream of Christmas. From a tree with twinkling lights to a cosy pouf, discover how to create a Christmas-themed bedroom with Domkapa elegant and sophisticated pieces.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, especially in your bedroom!

  • Choose a cosy bed

This season calls for comfort and cosiness, so you should keep that in mind when choosing a bed – especially if you are decorating a Christmas-themed bedroom! 

We selected our Margot Bed for this inspirational Christmas-themed bedroom for specific reasons: it is a highly innovative solution linked to functional and essential shapes, resulting in a unique upholstered piece.

The wide and enveloping headboard, with its soft lines and quality details, is divided into two padded sets to favour moments of rest in both domestic settings and public venues. The stunning metallic tubing and feet enhance the beauty of this piece.

With a minimal and distinctive style, Margot Bed promises to embrace every detail of your Christmas project and intensify them for the perfect decor! Sounds magical, right?

  • Add extra storage

Every bedroom needs extra storage, especially in the cold months to store the warm blankets and clothes! What if this additional storage was also a seating piece? With our Adley Pouf, you can have that!

With a modern take on the traditional shapes and patterns of history, Adley opens the door to a purposeful world, serving as a storage piece and as additional seating! An effortless opening system takes over the contemporary field and gives it another impact, allowing storage suitable for every kind of living.

Adley’s versatile design is available in two sizes and will bring functionality to your Christmas-themed bedroom.

  • Have yourself a merry reading corner

During the Christmas holidays, there is an unparalleled joy in finding comfort in the pages of a beloved book. Imagine sinking into a cosy armchair with the soft fairy lights from the Christmas tree casting a warm ambience around you. The perfect quiet and comforting reading corner!

With a minimal and distinctive style, our Megan Armchair is an aesthetic element as well as a practical solution to your everyday living needs. With a wooden structure, the deep convex back flows into the armrests in a harmonious craftwork design. It also features two single-top stitching for extra comfort. Defined by enveloping lines and soft curves, Megan Armchair is the go-to choice for your reading corner!

You will need a place to put your books too, right? Matching the natural elements of the bedroom, our Inside Side Table with the top in wood will guarantee a unique look! It has texturized steel legs with an x-shape base creating an optical illusion. A contemporary design with an industrial feel for the most demanding scenarios.

  • Get inspiration from the 2023 Christmas decoration trends

When it comes to decorating your home, we’ve put together some trend ideas that you can take inspiration from.

If you like to follow the tradition, you can select between two traditional themes: Classic Christmas and Rustic Christmas. The first celebrates the traditional season elements such as Santa, the reindeer, candles and tree garlands, following the red and green colour palette. The latter is more about celebrating Christmas by the fireplace with natural wood elements, mason jar candles and red garlands.

If you prefer contemporary trends, we have two suggestions for you: Scandinavian Christmas or Bohemian Christmas. The Scandinavian is inspired by the Nordic design and focuses on simplicity and functionality – select a neutral colour palette and clean star-shaped decorations and candles to create a soft, minimalist ambience. For a Bohemian Christmas look you will need to focus on bright colours, ethnic textiles and artisanal decorations.

However, if you like to personalize your decoration you can create your theme! Mix elements from different styles, use fairy lights, scented candles and tealight holders for soft, comforting lighting and incorporate natural elements – it is all up to you! What matters is to create an atmosphere that suits you and brings the magic of Christmas into your home.

Beyond their practical roles, we selected these furniture pieces to embody the essence of Christmas comfort, warmth and togetherness. They serve as more than just items in this Christmas bedroom – they are characters in the magical story of the holiday season. Best of all: they will fit perfectly with the theme you choose for your decoration!

We would love to see your Christmas-themed bedroom! Send us your picture through the e-mail


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