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Modern Benches & Poufs And How To Style Them

When it comes to an interior design project, the choice of modern benches and poufs lies not just in their functionality but in their potential to transform any space into a place with style and comfort. These versatile furniture pieces are not just about offering seating solutions – they’re aesthetic enhancers that can redefine the ambience of a room when styled thoughtfully.

Domkapa has a selection of the best modern benches and poufs to elevate your entryway, master bedroom, hallway, living room or even dining room design and, in this article, we are going through some of the questions you might have while styling those pieces. Stay tuned for expert tips and tricks coming up!

Choosing The Right Piece – How to choose a bench or a pouf?

Both modern benches and poufs are versatile pieces of furniture that can be used indoors or outdoors and in every division of the house.

Selecting the perfect modern bench or pouf is similar to choosing artwork for your space — it should complement the existing pieces while adding a touch of uniqueness. You should opt for pieces that will meet your design aesthetic, whether it’s a minimalist bench or a vibrant, patterned pouf. Consider the fabric, texture and colour to guarantee harmony with the surrounding elements.

For example, to give a modern feel to an entryway, you should select an opulent bench, while a well-furnished bedroom asks more for an upholstered pouf!

Henry Bench

Angles Pouf

Vincent Bench

Adley Pouf

Styling – How to style modern benches and poufs?

Benches and poufs are both very versatile furniture pieces and we gathered some of the essential tips so you can use them in your favour!

1. Mix and Match
Create visual interest by mixing and matching different textures and materials. For example, combine velvet and wood textures for an eclectic yet cohesive look.

2. Focus on Placement
Strategic placement can elevate the visual interest of these pieces. Use a bench like our Colbert at the foot of the bed to add a touch of luxury or position poufs next to a sofa for a casual, inviting setup.

3. Play with Sizes
Layer poufs of different heights or use a long bench alongside smaller poufs to create dimension and depth in the room. Most of our benches and poufs are available in different dimensions and are customizable!

4. Statement Pieces
Consider using a bold, eye-catching bench or pouf as a focal point in an otherwise neutral space. Let it be the conversation starter amidst the decor.

Customization – How can you customize your benches and poufs?

The benches and poufs are seating furniture pieces that can only be truly practical when adapted to your needs. According to Domkapa’s manufacturing processes, techniques and selection of materials, each piece can be customised according to your requirements and/or tastes – the request must be analysed by our technical team to offer you the best experience.

You can find all our high-quality materials and finishes available here and, for a more exquisite experience, you can order our Sample Box!

Modern benches and poufs are not merely functional additions but design elements that can transform and personalize every space. Their versatility allows for endless possibilities in styling, making them indispensable in contemporary interior design.

Embrace their flexibility, experiment with styles, textures and placements, and witness how these simple pieces can change completely your project!

We would love to see how you style our modern benches and poufs! Send us your picture through the e-mail


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