The Best Interior Designers In The United Kingdom

Although we have already written an article about the best interior designers in Spain or even the world’s best interior designers, sometimes we’re just looking for interior designers in our own country so we can meet them and make them understand exactly what we want. So if you’re from one of the best design centres in the world, we gathered this list of the best interior designers in the United Kingdom that will inspire you. Ready?

The United Kingdom has the luck of being one of the best countries to visit if you’re a design lover. You will find the best sights, iconic architecture, incredible buildings, marvelous stops and stays full of different cultures and lifestyles that help shape the spaces of these interior designers. We can’t get enough of this place!

1508 London

Image Credits: 1508 London

The first on this list of the most brilliant minds is 1508 London

1508 London is an interior design and architectural studio based in London. Founded in 2010, this creative studio specializes in private residences, hospitality and multi-unit developments across the world.

1508 is known for its exceptional spaces inspired by history and geography but also for people, understanding the importance and the power of their lifestyle and beliefs. With this in mind, a team of highly experienced professionals finish all projects to the highest level of quality

This success is not all because of the final product. 1508 London’s expertise extends to all stages of an interior design project: from feasibility studies, planning applications, and conceptual and detailed design through to procurement, dressing and hand-over, which is fascinating and can make you ensure that you will have exactly what you need for your home. 

A sophisticated design with the highest level of quality where functionality is present is all you can expect from the timeless work of 1508 London

Celine Interior Design

Image Credits: Celine Interior Design

Founded by Noor Charchafchi, Celine Interior Design is based in London but exceeds expectations all over the world thanks to the richness of her interior design projects. 

Working side by side with her husband, Noor is recognized as one of the top 50 interior design practices in the United Kingdom. Her projects are marked by a classic style with a modern twist, giving always a feeling of movement and luxury in each detail, always having in mind turning every space into a timeless one. According to LuxDeco, she advises to “Stick to what you love for tomorrow, not just for today” so make sure you are not influenced by the latest trends and you can stay faithful to what you think is right for you. 

So from the briefing to the approval of the client, Noor ensures that every interior design project is delivered according to his lifestyle and personality.

K&H Design

Image Credits: K&H Design

K&H Design is an interior and architectural design studio founded in 2015 by Katie Glaister and Henry Miller-Robinson that counts a team of seven professionals who work closely with their clients. 

Combining different backgrounds, this west-London studio is focused on a client approach providing refined solutions to residential and commercial plans. This team respects the budget, timing and program of the clients responding to every requirement. After a preponderant meeting to consider the project and to get to know the team, a transparent and honest relationship is built between the designer and the client. They think, look for inspiration and start to develop the one that is going to be the home of the client, in order to deliver something that practical and beautiful solutions with a sense of fun.

A mix of worthy principles made this studio one of the best interior design studios in the United Kingdom and you should really get to know its work!

David Collins Studio

Counting the most phenomenal design masterpieces we have ever seen, David Collins Studio is an interior design studio focused on opulent and luxurious residential and commercial projects.

Founded in 1985 by David Collins and Iain Watson, this studio is known for being industry-leading in hospitality interiors defined by a classic charm infused with a modern aesthetic.

This interior and architectural studio is recognized across the globe and shares an obsession with detail, craft and refinement founding alchemy of graceful and singular possibilities. 

By creating luxury through quality, you will surely get to know the power of David Collins Studio’s philosophy and how its identity is present in every detail of the project.

Image Credits: David Collins Studio


Image Credits: Elicyon

Founded in 2014 by the talented architect Charu Gandhi, Elicyon is an interior design and architecture studio based in London and is known for its global practice with a local mindset. 

Forging a new luxury, Elicyon’s interior couture is unique without ever being complicated. Modernity, contemporary opulence and the use of high-quality materials are unmistakable with Elicyon and no one can deny it. From interior design to interior architecture and project management, this interior design studio seeks refined environments with an exclusive feeling designed with care. 

Gandhi developed her passion for design in India. She remembered seeing her childhood home being built, which inspired her to create Elicyon. Nowadays she has the freedom she couldn’t find in the architecture industry.

A masterful team with a keen for creative elements and the highest level of expertise is committed every day to realizing the client’s desires in order to reveal the most extraordinary places you will ever see. 

If the UK has beautiful people, this list of the best interior designers in the United Kingdom has some of them. They are responsible for creating unique interiors according to our needs and lifestyles and Domkapa is, surely, here to help them out. The world is so much brighter with them and we couldn’t thank them enough for the inspiration they offer us every single day. 

Find the home of your dreams with these designers and share the results with us!

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