A Glimpse Into Casa Oradea: Elegance And Tranquility Unite

Situated in the serene landscape of Oradea, Romania, the stunning Casa Oradea, designed by Loredana Todor, stands as an inspiration of elegance and tranquillity. This exquisite residence was designed with meticulous attention to detail and merges timeless sophistication with a sense of calm that envelops every corner of the property.

Whether you are drawn by the allure of its architectural finesse or the peaceful ambience that permeates its spaces, Casa Oradea promises a luxurious and nourishing experience. Join us as we explore the unique features and captivating beauty of this remarkable residence.

About Loredana Todor Interiors

Loredana Todor’s passion for arranging spaces began at the tender age of seven, inspired by her fascination with window dressing as she artfully arranged her mother’s shop displays. She considered it the most beautiful job in the world. Pursuing her dreams, Loredana honed her skills with specialized studies at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan and the University of the Arts London, deepening her expertise in interior design.

Loredana’s background in psychology enhances her ability to understand her projects deeply. She used environmental design, evidence-based design and other research areas to create exceptional environments for her clients. Her mission is to craft a sense of home in residential projects, foster creativity and productivity in office spaces and offer relaxation in hospitality designs.

For over ten years, Loredana Todor has been working on residential projects, private clinics and commercial spaces, some of which have been featured in Romanian design magazines!

Image source: Loredana Todor Interiors


Image Source: Loredana Todor Interiors
Image Source: Loredana Todor Interiors

In this project, Loredana Todor created a tranquil environment featuring soft, neutral colours, luxurious velvet upholstery and warm lighting that invites relaxation. With its inviting ambience, it becomes a peaceful retreat where the client can escape the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Domkapa pieces are elegantly integrated into the living room, dining area and kitchen, forming a seamless open space that radiates calm and sophistication. We’ve compiled the selection that Loredana made for this project, shall we take a look?


The dining room from Casa Oradea has an abundance of natural light which transmits a serene feeling. To pair this airy vibe, our Louise Chair in neutral tones completes the stunning dining set!

Louise chair‘s robust design exhales confidence and character allied with simple lines but a strong statement of comfort. The back and seat are fully upholstered for a relaxing experience while the wooden legs finish the exquisiteness of the design. The slightly curvy back will ensure a cosy experience with a daring design including golden nails. Its simple yet sophisticated lines match this decor and enhance the room, don’t you agree?


The kitchen at Casa Oradea is a stunning example of modern elegance, featuring a harmonious blend of neutral tones that create a calm and inviting atmosphere. At the heart of the space is a striking island crafted from marble, offering functionality and a touch of sophistication.

This space is also enhanced by our Louise Counter Chairs, which complement the design with their refined lines and comfortable seating. This thoughtfully designed kitchen combines aesthetic beauty with practical convenience, making it a perfect gathering spot for culinary creativity and shared moments.

Image Source: Loredana Todor Interiors


Last but not least, the living room has a very inviting ambience! Loredana selected two Ruth Armchairs to complement the sofa and we believe it was a great choice.

Ruth is a harmonious combination of various finishes conceived as an ideal seat for residential and contract projects. The backrest and seat flow uninterruptedly into the armrest to create moments of great relaxation. The wooden base, which can be customized into metallic finishes, combines elegance and comfort. There are two lines stitched across the back for high resistance and slender design.

This piece combines perfectly with our Louise dining chair and counter chairs in this open-space concept!

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