Design Inspiration On The Go: The Best Interior Design Podcasts

In the ever-evolving interior design industry, staying updated with the latest trends, tips and expert advice can be a game-changer for experienced professionals or even homeowners who want to renovate their space. Therefore, podcasts have emerged as a convenient and engaging way to immerse yourself in the design world, offering a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. Whether you’re seeking creative inspiration, practical advice or the latest design trends, there’s an interior design podcast out there tailored to your needs.

In this article, we’ve selected a list of the five best interior design podcasts that promise to spark your creativity and inspire you for your next projects. From intimate conversations with top designers to insightful business tips for running a successful design practice, these podcasts cover it all! Tune in and get ready to be inspired as we explore the audio gems that every interior design aficionado should have on their playlist.

Design Matters with Debbie Millman

Hosted by Debbie Millman, this long-running podcast delves into the lives and careers of creative professionals, including designers, artists and writers.

Honoured as the world’s inaugural design series, Design Matters’s first podcast launched in 2005 – way ahead of the podcast boom we listen to today. This interior design podcast discusses the creative process and culture with designers, writers, curators, musicians and more. The best part? You can search the series’ hundreds of episodes by category, so you can listen to exactly what you are craving! Listen here.

Clever with Amy Devers and Jaime Derringer

Clever is a podcast hosted by two industry leaders: designer Amy Devers and Jaime Derringer, founder of Design Milk. This interior design podcast features candid conversations with designers, architects and artists about their creative journeys and design philosophies.

Each episode is generally focused on an interview with someone influential in the design industry, whether they create cars, architecture, fashion, interiors or furniture. Clever gives listeners an honest and relatable look at the creative process. Listen to the episodes here.

Design Time with Domino Magazine

Hosted by Domino magazine’s editor-in-chief Jessica Romm Perez, this podcast covers interior design trends, expert tips and personal stories from leading designers and tastemakers.

Through honest conversations with Domino’s editors and a community of experts, this weekly interior design podcast shares insider tricks on tackling renovation projects and easy updates that instantly refresh a space. Design Time is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their living space or project and bring joy and functionality into their everyday environment. Listen here.

Ideas of Order with Jeremiah Brent

Ideas of Order, an interior design podcast hosted by Jeremiah Brent, offers listeners an inside look at the deep connections between home and identity. Through sincere conversations with special guests, Brent delves into how personal spaces influence and reflect our lives.

Featuring prominent figures in the industry, the podcast provides unique insights into the meaning of home, creating a compelling and relatable experience for listeners.

Ideas of Order is ideal for those who see interior design as more than just decoration but as a reflection of our true selves. Each episode emphasizes the emotional and psychological impact of well-designed spaces and you can listen to them here.

A Well-Designed Business With LuAnn Nigara

A Well-Designed Business® bridges the gap between the design talent and business skills needed to run a successful interior design business.  Hosted by LuAnn Nigara, this interior design podcast offers practical and insightful advice from industry leaders.

Unlike typical design podcasts, this show goes beyond standard tips. LuAnn’s vibrant and engaging personality drives conversations with her highly successful and entertaining guests, ensuring that each episode delivers specific, digestible and actionable insights.

If you are looking for tips to grow your social media, attract new clients, build a strong team… This is for you! Listen here.

Podcasts have become an invaluable resource for anyone passionate about interior design, offering a blend of inspiration, education and entertainment. From practical business advice to profound reflections on the essence of home, the interior design podcasts we’ve highlighted provide a rich variety of content that can transform the way you approach design.

So, plug in your headphones, hit play and let the world of interior design podcasts elevate your design endeavours to new heights!


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