Interior Design 101: Essential Books for Every Homeowner

When it comes to the world of interior design, knowledge is power, and inspiration knows no bounds! Shaping spaces into extraordinary living environments is a creative process that requires a deep understanding of design principles, aesthetics and the limitless possibilities of decor.

Well, we all look for the best resources to get that knowledge and inspiration, right? Nowadays, online and visual inspirations on platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and even blogs, are the easiest ways to find and to search on, however, we believe there is something timeless and irreplaceable about turning the pages of well-crafted books.

Have you considered getting curated coffee table books with expert insights, and case studies, showcasing the best decor and design minds? Then this article is for you – get to know our selection of essential books for every homeowner!


Redefining Comfort is the first book written by the British designer Jake Arnold. The rising star of the interior design world earned a place on the AD 100 list and has become one of the most influential names in American interiors – whose clients include Katy Perry and Chrissy Teigen – creating modern spaces that transcend time and trends.

Integrating the traditions of his English upbringing and the relaxed luxury of the contemporary California lifestyle, Jake Arnold’s sensibility is a warm minimalism that is simultaneously chic and serene.

In Redefining Comfort, the designer shares and examines nine completed projects in several states from the USA, whose interiors reflect a combination of elegance, tactility and pleasure. A must-read!


Arranging Things, by Colin King with Samuel Cochran, unpacks the designer’s intuitive and deeply personal process, meditating on scale, proportion, palette, and texture, through a series of visual essays. Image after image, you can discover how Colin works his magic when arranging objects on coffee tables, mantels, bookshelves, bedside tables, windowsills, and more!

Arranging Things is one of those books that has the ability to inspire readers to visually craft their own rooms.


In The Movie In My Mind, Ken Fulk takes readers to the behind-the-scenes of some of his most extravagant endeavors by coupling stunning photographs with personal intakes of inspiration and intent behind each project.

The AD100 designer is known as the decorator of choice for Silicon Valley’s elite and we believe there is no one who infuses a space with as much personality and provenance as him. From homes, hotels, restaurants and bars to members’ clubs, private planes and unforgettable events, Ken Fulk crafted some of the most enchanting spaces around the globe.

This book has the photography by Douglas Friedman, captivating texts by the interior designer and gathers over 30 years of Fulk’s works, from a Napa Valley farmhouse to a Manhattan clubhouse. If you like extravagant and vivid projects, this book will be the best choice for you!


Celebrating more than 200 women product designers of the 20th and 21st centuries, Woman Made: Great Woman Designers by Jane Hall, is the most comprehensive book on women’s design.

Featuring more than 200 designers from more than 50 countries, this book is a glorious visual celebration of the most incredible and impactful design ever produced by female designers – it records and illuminates the fascinating history of women preeminent in the field.

From the Bauhaus movement to Memphis design to post-modernism, the book features a short biography of each maker with one of their works, making it both a visual one and an educational tool.


The Carrier and Company Interiors principals, Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller, present a portfolio of elegant and textured rooms, curated with the client’s personality in mind.

Whether decorating a sprawling country house or a Tribeca loft, a winter home in Florida or an apartment in a converted New York printing house, the interior designer’s duo creates rooms that are a mix of timeless and contemporary design, always refined and sophisticated.

This beautifully illustrated book shows why Carrier and Company Interiors is the design firm of choice for so many of the USA’s most exquisite tastes!



We couldn’t end this article without suggesting one of our own books. Domkapa kicked off this year with a burst of creativity and innovation! We launched not one, not two, but seven breathtaking new pieces that redefine every living space.

Explore a world of exclusive designs with premium materials and endless customization options in Domkapa’s 2023 Catalogue.

Download our 2023 catalogue for design and inspiration.

Whether you’re seeking inspiration, practical advice, or a deeper understanding of the field, we believe that our carefully curated list of interior design books will guide you through the transformation of spaces into personal expressions of style and comfort.

We hope you find this article useful and that it helps you find the book that suits your tastes and preferences! We would love to know your thoughts on this selection and, if you have more suggestions, please leave us a comment in the section below.


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