Outdoor Design: A Versatile Well-Thought Design

A well-decorated outdoor space is the key to encourage interaction in style, especially in those warm days at home, around friends and family, enjoying the good weather and having a good laugh. Such a good sensation! How good it would be if we could live on that moment forever? 

For this to happen, you need to get yourself a good professional, so it can bring that much joy into your outdoor space. Gather as much inspiration as possible and show him what you wish for. A good professional will turn your dreams into reality, as  La Fenice Interiors did, with this interior design project. Let’s find out more!

La Fenice Interiors is a company managed by Bianka Bérczi with more than twenty years of experience in home textile products, curtains, decor fabrics, and other textile accessories. Along with trading fabrics and home textiles expertise, this company offers styling and consultations for residential and commercial projects as well as expert fitting. Small hotels, restaurants, offices – you name it!

Managed by the inspiring and beautiful Bianka Bérczi, La Fenice Interiors counts with a team who knows exactly how to be compassionate and to bring happiness into a space. With more than twenty years of experience, this company not only trades home textile products, curtains, decor fabrics and other textiles accessories; but also offers styling and consultation for every kind of environment. Small hotels, restaurants, offices – you name it! They have them all.

La Fenice Interiors has the ability to bring a special shine into every kind of room, as you can see in this outdoor design project. Best of all: we had the opportunity to be part of it, with our Copacabana Outdoor Collection. How amazing is that?

And do you want to know why? Because of its versatility. Our Outdoor Collection is nothing but functional, versatile and beautiful. Our brilliant design team designed it with a modular system so you can build the outdoor of your dreams without effort. You won’t need to worry about the size of the space, the style or anything else. Trust us!

Copacabana Family has a steel structure that doesn’t oxidize (impressive, right?) and its colours are treated to withstand the sun. When it comes to its aesthetics: it’s as strong as creativity allows.  So it’s obvious that Copacabana selection seduces for its personality.

Along with the beautiful seating modules, La Fenice combined a coffee and side tables modules so you cannot make up an excuse – functionality is present as well! This way, the owner has the right family-friendly comfort that we all love through a reivented design and lovely textures. 

This Outdoor Collection with beautiful hues will occupy a special place in outdoor projects: they’re designed to be serene and comfortable making them the must-have for happier summers.

Can you imagine yourself enjoying the good weather with your guests in this outdoor design project? Having this space and its architecture in mind, how would you design your outdoor space? Which pieces from our Outdoor Collection would you pick?


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