The Transformation Of A Family Home By Kris Turnbull Studios

Today, we bring you a stunning Kris Turnbull Studios renovation project – The Cultra Renovation! The studio transformed a once tired and dilapidated family home into a serene, timeless space full of elegance and comfort.

From the initial architectural drawings to the final touches of bespoke joinery, this remarkable renovation showcases the interior design studio’s meticulous attention to detail and solid commitment to excellence. Kris Turnbull has breathed new life into the residence, by restoring beautiful, detailed cornices and introducing modern elements such as hand-carved marble fireplaces, sumptuous textured finishes and high-quality furniture.

Read on and discover how Kris Turnbull Studios used Domkapa pieces in the renovation of this home!


Based in Northern Ireland, Kris Turnbull Studios stands out due to its impressive 5,000-square-foot interior design studio. It boasts an array of lifestyle rooms, featuring a blend of the finest furniture, luxurious fabrics and exquisite interior collections from around the globe.

This boutique-style showroom in Belfast showcases products from over 200 world-renowned suppliers, including Fendi Casa and Minotti, and offers an extensive sample library with an array of elegant fabrics and wallpapers made from exquisite materials.

Within the studio, Kris Turnbull Studios‘ talented team of architects, interior designers and project managers create unparalleled interior solutions, designing from the inside out to seamlessly integrate all elements of each unique project.

Image Source: Kris Turnbull Studios


Image Source: Kris Turnbull Studios

Under Kris’s meticulous management, the Cultra Renovation project was transformed from initial architectural drawings to the complete execution of building works, turning into a calm, light-filled and bright family home.

Kris Turnbull Studios carefully restored the intricate cornices, blending charming original details with a significant extension to create a sense of spaciousness. With the addition of a new family kitchen, hand-carved marble fireplaces, exquisitely finished bathrooms and high-quality furniture, this project is the perfect balance between luxury design and comfortable family living.

The studio developed a unique, elegant and layered scheme filled with beautiful finishes, colours and patterns and Domkapa pieces fit perfectly! Shall we see it?


Living Room with Alexander Armchair

Image Source: Kris Turnbull Studios
Image Source: Kris Turnbull Studios

In the living room of the Cultra Renovation project, you can find our Alexander Armchair. This piece has a powerful and embracing structure where a high back smoothly connects to the seat cushion and ends on a swivel base. The arms and backrest slightly arch outwards, inviting everyone to sit. The highlight goes to the additional support padding in the back, held up by a metallic opulent counterweight, that can be adjusted in height and produced in a different finish.

Room with Elba Armchair

Image Source: Kris Turnbull Studios

Kris Turnbull also selected our Elba Armchair for another room for this project! With an egg shape, this piece reveals generous shapes and a sleek look. The seat holds an extra padded pillow as well as the back. These two pillows provide maximum comfort. Elba armchair has an incredible feature: not only is the base a triangle shape handmade in stainless steel but it also swivels, so you can position where you want to face and play around a 360º base.

It looks perfect in this space!

Kitchen with Anna Chair

In the dining area of the kitchen, you can find our Anna Chair. This timeless chair design is the result of a mature awareness process inspired by different ideas and experiences. Available in four distinct versions, it includes two options for armrest customization (with or without an armrest) as well as two customization options for the base (four legs or a sled base). Concerning the base, you can choose a wooden or metallic finish. Meanwhile, the upholstered seat and backrest can be customized with contrasting fabrics, as you can see in the Cultra Renovation project.

The meticulous attention to detail and dedication to quality are evident in every aspect of this project. It perfectly shows the Kris Turnbull Studios‘ ability to craft bespoke, liveable yet luxurious interiors, tailored perfectly to their client’s vision.

If you are working on a project and want to add Domkapa pieces, contact us through!


Project Photographer: Peter Bruce


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