Grape By Grape: Meet Shawback Design’s New Projects

Based in California, Shawback Design is an interior design studio with the ability of conceiving projects, in the residential and hospitality fields, like no other. It was founded in 1981 and counts with a team that share a singular passion and enthusiasm for the relationship between design and the feeling it exhales – and, as you may know, passion is everything.

Shawback Design is now led by Julie Savoia and her husband Damon Savoia, a couple that knows how to create spaces that make their clients feel special, bringing a unique human touch to the business. This studio gets to tell the story of peoples’ lives with a lot of strength and creativity.

When it comes to the business, Julie Savoia broadcasts this romance with design to the rest of the team. And, when combined with their keenness for detail and vision, Shawback Design do wonders, making people feel happy and satisfied. And, knowing that, this project will exceed your expectations about the studio.

Alpha Omega Collective: Tasting Rooms

Established in 2006, Alpha Omega Collective is a winery located in the heart of Napa Valley. Using fruit from nearly every appellation in Napa Valley, this winemaking team blends the essence of their terroirs with the complexity and aromatic profile they reach every time.

Alpha Omega Collective exudes the best of hospitality in an authentic place, having breath-taking tasting rooms not only when it comes to the design but also for the experience itself. Their tasting rooms were designed by Shawback Design’s talented team and the outcome couldn’t be more beautiful. One of them located in El Paso de Robles, an interesting city known for their wine production and olive oil; and the other one in the downtown Napa – however, each detail of both is exceptional.

One of the most important aspects when developing a project is getting to know the client and the space’s surroundings and this brilliant team knew from the first moment that the design needed to be complemented by the outside living. After a long research, Shawback Design developed a plan where the outcome is truly inspiring: they decided to give it a modern take within spaces with a magnificent aesthetic. An exclusive sense for a family friendly atmosphere.

Every texture and colour are combined perfectly, providing a pleasing social atmosphere that makes us want to be there all day. While the aesthetic is flawless (as you can see), comfort was one more mission for this studio, which was sculpted perfectly by Domkapa.

We cannot select a favourite project because every single one makes us so proud. And these are not different: Shawback Design selected Carter and Louise chairs along with Megan Armchair to impact a special feature that you will only experience when you enter the space.

Every handcrafted piece has a story starting by the production unit where it is made, and Shawback Design decided to give it the continuity that they deserve. Together, we made history.


Image Credits: Shawback Design

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